Michael Ortega criticizes Colombia's youth team: 'It was lost since Lara left' colombia selection

 Michael Ortega criticizes Colombia's youth team: 'It was lost since Lara left'  colombia selection

They kicked Brazil out of pre-Olympics, a gold medalist and a permanent talent pool, isn’t it normal that they kicked Colombia out too? to stop! Don’t buy that fool’s consolation. Brazil is not at its best, this in no way justifies the debacle the national representation suffered in Venezuela.

Moreover, the crisis of results in Brazilian football in general is pervasive throughout its structure, just look at the painful South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which the team is enduring with an interim coach and all kinds of reforms.

But this is not the case in Colombia, where there is a well-structured older generation with good results, precisely because most of Nestor Lorenzo’s team has gone through this process. That’s why arms are taken up against an under-23 team that has not won or scored a single goal in continental competition.

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What is happening? “A lot has been lost in Colombia. There has been no new generation since the teacher Eduardo Lara left. I think the last generation was ours, 91-92 which produced some litter that was almost the basis of the World Cup with James Become a scorer and we get a chance to fight for big things,” Michael Ortega, a son of those processes, said candidly in a conversation with Cristian Amezquita of Caracol Radio.

Much has been said about coach Hector Cardenas, who was given no results in the under-17s and as a reward he moved to the under-20s, and once there he managed to recover by reaching the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Which is why they gave him U-23, in which he failed miserably.
However, Ortega is not the only one to blame: “It’s the fault of both parties. I went through all those processes and they focused on us for a month, every three months we went back to the preparation stages, to get To get to know each other better,” he said.

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And take note of what he said about some clubs’ premature sales: “Sometimes the manager is thinking about something else, about getting the player and selling him very quickly. I find that The problem was, because when I arrived in Mexico I didn’t know where I was. It was an outing in which I had just been playing in Colombia for a year. Slowly I was growing and getting a feel for it. I think sometimes they sell players too early, but you have to strengthen them first and teams have to go through longer processes of more preparation and more concentration, so that they can see that ‘Like in our times, it was the best to wear the national team shirt. Nowadays some players don’t care whether they wear it or not. No,” he concluded.

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