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Microsoft challenges Google: Bing is just the beginning

Tough times ahead for Google, The man who has been the undisputed king of search and web advertising for years sees how artificial intelligence, and specifically the nexus between Bing and ChatGPT, has shaken the foundation of his core business. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft has brought out the tanks and is ready to launch a major offensive against Google.

Microsoft vs Google: Enemies

The enmity between the two companies is old., The market has led them to compete in web searches (Bing vs. Google), on phones (Android vs. Windows Phone) and many other services (Outlook vs. Gmail, Office vs. Google Docs, Windows vs. ChromeOS). , Etcetera).

Some of you may also remember the famous campaign of Microsoft under the banner of Google «Scruggles» in 2012. others may be reminded google boycotts windows phoneIts refusal to remove any of its applications on the said operating system contributed to its failure (they also forced Microsoft to remove the YouTube application developed by it due to Google’s incompetence).

Don'T Be Scrunched Up
Image From The “Don’T Get Screwed” Campaign.

Google has hurt Microsoft a lot, Biggie’s company has destroyed many of his plans since the appearance of the Redmond Giant. Gmail, Chrome, Google (the search engine) seriously injured their Microsoft counterparts and, in some cases, even caused death (RIP Internet Explorer).

It seemed like Microsoft was running in the desert for several years. “I want and I can’t” was the end of Steve Ballmer’s platform at the helm of Microsoft. Too ambitious projects that failed and a competition that seemed to leave Microsoft further and further behind, Windows 8, Windows Phone, the first Microsoft Edge… Defeat after defeat raised alarm bells.

Windows Phone 8.1 In Lumia 1520
Product: Microsofters

Microsoft’s resurgence under Nadella

Everything changed with the arrival of Satya Nadella at the head of the company. He was emphatic when it came to eliminating Windows Phone (a pool of tickets that offered no profit), bet heavily on Xbox and Game Pass, closed the Windows 8 phase with Windows 10, and in the crown focused his efforts on the jewel. : Blue.

Microsoft started catching its breath. Its loss of relevance in the domestic sphere was compensated by huge gains in the commercial sphere., Years later, and having amassed a great fortune, Microsoft returned to the fray with several acquisitions and new projects.

He Nuvo Microsoft Edge Has managed to stop the bleeding and is reassuring more and more users. windows 11 Provides a far better user experience than its predecessor. xbox And its dominance has pushed Google Stadia off the pitch. And now, a blowout whose proportions we still can’t calculate: Bing + ChatGPT,

ChatGPT + Bing: The Revolution Is Already Here

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has given a lot to talk about in recent months. This conversational artificial intelligence has caught the attention of users all over the world for its great utility and ease of use. Millions of users have tried it and have been amazed by the results.

Chat Ikea Bing
Example Of Chat With Bing | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft began investing in OpenAI in 2019 and a month ago announced a new multibillion-dollar investment in the company. New Bing launches with a new and fortified version of ChatGPT The built-in has been a real bombshell that has even intrigued Google, which hastily called an event to introduce its new AI-based assistant. «Bard», Result? A poor presentation with a glaring error and a device that leaves more doubt than certainty. Everything indicates that Google just wasn’t ready for this.

Microsoft has shared a piece of information that gives us a clue as to what it is aiming for: For every point of market share they take from Google, an additional $2 billion will come Year.

The people of Redmond are not going to stop here and we already know that There are plans to extend the benefits of AI to other products such as Outlook, Word or PowerPoint, And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re pretty clear that they plan to integrate this new AI with Windows, exponentially expanding its use.

This is the expected interface of windows 12 It will see the light of day in 2024. Doesn’t the search bar at the top catch your attention? We bet Bing’s new AI will be very prominent in the next ev
olution of Windows’ shell.

Windows 12 Early Concept
Interface Concepts For Windows 12 | Image: Zack Bowden (Windows Central)

A little secret…

Microsoft is also preparing aggressively against Google in the PC and tablet market. it has reached our ears Microsoft is working on a new, modern version of Windows based on Windows Core OS technologies. But with full Win32 application compatibility. That is to say: late Windows 10X but not without its drawbacks.

Microsoft is building the Windows of the future. A modular operating system, with customizable interfaces, secure, lightweight, fluid and easy to develop, “CorePC” is the internal name they’ve given to the product, which, if all goes well, could appear in late 2024 alongside Windows 12.

This “new Windows” will allow Microsoft to compete again in the tablet marketSomething that was tried with Windows 8 without success. Qualcomm’s new ARM processors and compatibility with Android applications, thanks to WSA, will play their part in this strategy.

as if that wasn’t enough, CorePC would also be ideal in the educational field Because of its greater security and stability on modest hardware. Android tablets and cheap Chromebook laptops could see Microsoft blow their market away in one fell swoop.

In any case, We are going to live in an exciting time in the world of technology, Apple also definitely wants to participate in this war and it has to be seen what its bet is. At the moment Microsoft is very well positioned with its version of ChatGPT and has good cards on board. The sleeping demon has awakened and its economic power is immense. Will they be able to win the AI ​​war? What will be the loss for Google? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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