Microsoft completes 30 years in Chile and reveals its next challenges – 2022

software giant Microsoft completes 30 years in ChileOne of the first technology companies to settle in the country.

They guarantee in the name of the company Work with over 1,600 business partnersStrive to build value on your platform with local businesses of all sizes and industries.

The country celebrates 30 years within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which combined knowledge with digital technologies. It is an environment that is experiencing ever-increasing digital acceleration following the pandemic, where technology has become increasingly essential to business, making digitization the key to transforming processes.

“We are celebrating 30 years in Chile. We were one of the first technology companies to enter the country and we continue to invest in developing an innovation and business ecosystem. Today we have more than 1,600 companies in our ecosystem, Mostly local SMEs are involved. We are part of the organization, bringing our technology closer through transformational projects in organizations from different sectors. This way we can democratize access to technology, which is essential in the framework of the 4.0 revolution That’s what we’re experiencing. They do it”, explains Sergio Redemacher, general manager of Microsoft Chile.

The executive says the company is moving ahead with its Transforma Chile project, which aims to create more opportunities for people.

“Our focus is to provide free training to develop the necessary skills so that more people can access quality jobs or promote entrepreneurship, as well as to solve some of the challenges we face as a society, such as sustainability and cyber security. be able to contribute. Rademagar.

Microsoft’s Innovation Pivot in Chile

The acceleration of technology has brought significant challenges to all companies that have had to change the way they do business. in present Technology, cloud and artificial intelligence, data analysis and cyber security are important on the agenda of the decision makers.

According to the study “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Culture and Operations of Chilean SMEs” by Mixtosoft, it was found that digital technology is accelerating across all industries.

It has also changed the demands of companies in terms of the type of projects required. In this sense, on behalf of the company, they undertake In the past year, more than 81% of Microsoft Chile’s operations are linked to projects in the cloudFor their part, data and artificial intelligence projects grew by 37%, while cyber security projects grew by 68%.

Nationally, the company supports more than 7,000 startups, working with Third Sector to create a social impact through donations of USD 72 million over the past decade. He has worked to empower vulnerable people and help teachers and students with technology in formal education.

Furthermore, as technology advances and business digitizes, Jobs demand will focus on people with diverse digital skillsThrough initiatives such as “Transforma Chile”, “Totas Conectadas” and “A Distensia”, it works with other organizations focusing on different audiences.

“We are celebrating 30 years in the country at this historic and disruptive moment, and our role is to work with companies and people in Chile to innovate in technology so that they can be heroes of economic recovery,” said Sergio Rademacher explains.

current challenges

They confirm this with Microsoft focus on continuityThis means that companies set and achieve their goals with tools to monitor their own carbon footprint across all operations.

Several projects are being carried out keeping in mind the resources of Chile. The alliance with AES Andes is in full swing, so that the data center operates with 100% renewable energy, and with Kilimo, it supports a global commitment to water and farmers in the Maipo Basin to use this resource in a more sustainable manner. helps to use. more efficient. ,

there is another challenge Cyber ​​security, derived from the Transforma Chile project, a Cyber ​​Security Path advisory group was created with the participation of the public, private and academic sectors, which would work on specific projects on talent development, cyber security culture and cooperation protocols between technologies. and settings. This allows the country to be more prepared for cyber attacks.

In addition, they give guarantees on behalf of the company. Most of Chile’s economy is led by SMEs., and many of them evolved towards their own digital transformation processes. Today, more than 93% of SMEs have invested in technology to facilitate remote work by 2021, and digital security and data visualization and analytics technologies are an important part of small and medium-sized businesses.

As future trends, Microsoft highlights the need for automation of processes, the advent of hybrid jobs, the creation of hyperconnected businesses, the growth of digital capabilities across all organizations, and the need to protect everything with end-to-end security.


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