Migrants continue to cross the river to enter the US

Migrants continue to cross the river to enter the US - Telemundo Miami (51)

At night, the migrants take advantage of the lower temperatures and cross the Rio Grande.

Carlos Hernández revealed that “it’s a matter of extortion from the moment you leave your country, in Mexico they steal from you.” Something Anthony Marieta reaffirmed: “the forest is dangerous, anyone who falls asleep on those trains can fall.”

An estimated 19,000 people have crossed the border since Monday, Maverick County Judge Ramsey English Cantu said Wednesday.

“Well, it’s illegal, first they have to defend that case and then show up in court,” explained Maverick judge, Ramsey English Cantu.

A family with two small children, including a baby in their arms, faced high temperatures and river currents like everyone else. “That boy in red almost died, the water was so strong,” they said.

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After sunset came stormy winds and rain that left the riverside roads full of mud.

At night the number of migrants trying to cross the border increases, bad weather and the presence of the border patrol means there are fewer people during the day, but they number in the thousands.

With Mexico’s agreement to deport Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans to their countries of origin, these nationals are desperate to reach the United States.

After one group enters, in the distance, another group is seen gathering and the guards warn them from the American land: “The current is very strong, do not risk crossing.”

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But the people continued and on the other side, the children were crying, but the parents seemed relieved. This is the daily drama at the border, where barbed wire is cut to allow migrants to enter.

Finally they entered and now the uncertain immigration process began, a recently released Venezuelan showed us the document they gave him, saying that he was not legally admitted and he was not granted parole. He had to face a deportation officer, but he did not lose hope.


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