Migrants take advantage of construction of border wall and cross border fences

Migrants take advantage of construction of border wall and cross border fences - Telemundo San Diego (20)

TIJUANA- In less than 24 hours, two attempts to cross migrants to the United States were recorded in the same area, where the wall repairs were made in Playas de Tijuana.

The first includes a pet. Mexican authorities do not currently know the nationalities of the people.

“They are taking advantage of this part of the wall being repaired and obviously the mascot behind them is getting a lot of attention. Certainly they went to the part where the border patrol is to surrender and it is the same procedure for everyone who remains between the walls,” said Enrique Lucero Vázquez, Municipal Director of Migrant Assistance.

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At the moment, the Mexican side is waiting to know what will happen to the dog, but the possible paths are already being explored.

“We don’t know the destination of that pet, maybe they can bring it back to Mexico, maybe it will reach the municipal kennel area, we don’t know what criteria they will take,” added the official.

Just that Wednesday morning, another similar case was seen in the lighthouse area. According to the authorities, because of the first case, another group tried to enter in a similar way.

Because of these events, the presence of police corporations in the area will be noticed.

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People who go to Friendship Park use the work to build the new wall to enter the country illegally.

“We can’t avoid it, in other words, this family crossed to surrender to the police and when they pass that section we can’t avoid it. We go there, but not often, that is the purpose of the National Guard and Inami, we are contributors when the government orders are no longer possible or violated,” said Montserrat Caballero, president of the municipality of Tijuana.

According to the municipal authorities, the security of the area is only for them to cross because they can’t stop them.

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