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Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who hated blood

Mikhail Gorbachev has died at the age of 91. not bad. The life expectancy of Russians for 2019, just before the pandemic, was eight years below the average of those imprisoned in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). If you decide to be a member country Korean, I recommend that you be born in the South, a staunch capitalist, and not a brilliant socialist, in the North. On average, they will live 12 more years (80.5 vs. 68.8) and be over three centimeters tall (1.68 vs. 1.65). But I want to write about Gorbachev, gorby To his friends, who did not have many in Russia.

I visited Moscow three or four times during the first phase of Gorbachev’s final period and Boris Yeltsin, At the time he was traveling as Vice President of Liberal International—in the sense given to the word in Europe—and as President. Cuba Liberal Union, I did not know Gorbachev, although I had some friends who had established a certain friendship with him. Instead, I got alexander yakovlev, his authoritarian conscience and the person who influenced him the most. So I can assure you that the changes that took place in that tortured area of ​​the planet were due to Yakovlev’s advice.

Yakovlev was a hero of the USSR. He lost a leg during World War II in the Battle of Leningrad, the largest siege in history (900 days). He was barely 20 years old. He was born in the small town of Korolivo in 1923 to semi-literate but communist parents. He joined the Communist Party at the age of 21 and went on to become the head of the Central Committee for National Propaganda.

He knew every last detail of Marxism and began to doubt the party. This led to the creation of parasitic structures that served only to sustain leadership, and to give life to ridiculous attitudes such as ridicule and nationalism. He published an article in 1972 Sahityatunaya Gazeta condemning them. what Leonid Brezhnev, who was in charge, realized that he pulled her out through the chimney: he sent her as ambassador to Canada. i won’t be there Damage to communists Truthwho were like him.

Only in 1983 Gorbachev went to visit her and was dazzled. I was in Canada. He was a lawyer who was simultaneously an agricultural technician. Gorbachev thought, he was the theorist he needed, but he didn’t tell him so at the time. Aeroflot’s everlasting breakdown allowed several days of marathon talks.

He expressed like no one else amountTransparency, because all economic reforms had been tried: New Economic Policy (NEP for its abbreviation in English and Russian), in the era of Lenin until 1924, and Stalin by 1929, with few real consequences, except for the initial ones. virgin lands were brought into production in the decade they commanded Nikita Jurschov, Over 300,000 square kilometers (1954–1964).

The horror of public discussion and the results of popular debate had to be suppressed. Things worked differently in Canada. It was a vast and frozen territory similar to the USSR. In fact, the difference. was in amount,

Gorbachev and Yakovlev were two idealistic communists. They both wanted to reform the system without destroying it.”

They were two idealistic communists. Both wanted to reform the system without destroying it. Yuri Karyakina philosopher and thinker, husband of irina zorina, an expert Cuban economist told me that there was a type of communist, refractory to blood, among whom were Mikhail Gorbachev and, of course, Alexander Yakovlev. They wanted to persuade their opponents, not defeat them. The history of Russia was full of bloodthirsty men and women who created the myth of the Russians’ inability to follow anything other than a stick and a whistleblower.

Was Karyakin’s story true? I believe in him. it’s a matter of time. I have already said that Gorbachev died without the appreciation of most Russians. They love him abroad. At the same time, Russian society is not ready to return without oppressing collectivism and one party

i read it Vladimir Putin Will not attend Gorbachev’s funeral. this is a help No redemption is possible. He prefers to convey the image of a furious man from everything he hated Gorbachev and Yakovlev.

@CarlosAMontaner He is a journalist and author. his last act, Without Moving On (Memoirs)), is published by Penguin-Random House Imprint Debate. It can be obtained through Amazon Books.

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