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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Milind Soman’s Corona Report negative, method of shared decoction

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Mumbai: Milind Soman Fans are happy that Milind Soman’s corona report has come down negative. He shared a picture on his official Instagram account. In this picture, he is comfortably seen on the head of his wife Ankita. They have closed their eyes.

Please tell that the quarantine time of Milind Soman is over now. His corona report has now come negative after 14 days. He has thanked everyone’s blessings and positiveness. He further said that positive attitude is the most important thing to look at from a healthy perspective. How to pay attention to positiveness Positiveness is the most important thing. It is this journey that is most important.

He further said that thanks to Ankita who came here from Guwahati on hearing this. They took care of me like an angel, but I also had to keep in mind that they should be safe.

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Along with this, he further told which brew he drank during Corona. He has also told the method of decoction for his fans. He wrote that – many people asked me what I am taking during this time, then tell me that I am using coriander, fenugreek seeds black pepper, basil leaves, ginger and gud Drank the decoction made. He said that my sniffing power was gone. There are no other symptoms at the moment. I took a blood thinner for five days. Apart from this, no other supplements were taken. He thanked the doctor and also said that listen and follow everything the doctor said.


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