Monday, September 26, 2022
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Millimeter Robot: Jump and dive through bodies to carry medicine

Millimeter Robot: Jump and dive through bodies to carry medicine

Universities and research centers around the world compete to create the best MilliRobot, the millimeter robot, with the intention of being inserted into our bodies and capable of administering drugs or acting directly on a disease. Most of these very small robots are built to move due to a magnetic field, for which the force of a scanner is used. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),

Stanford University has presented nature communication A milliRobot made by mechanical engineer Renee Zhao, By controlling the magnetic fields that are applied to them, engineers are able to move them in one direction, jump or overcome obstacles. Zhao and his colleagues have enabled him to jump ten times his length.

his new Wireless Amphibious Origami MilliRobot With Fold Ability It can slide over uneven surfaces in an organ such as the abdomen, and it can float through our body’s fluids. You can do all this by taking a medicine until you reach the area where you have to administer it. That is, it is applied where it is needed, it is not necessary that the medicine should circulate throughout the body. MilliRobot contains a highly concentrated drug and is applied where it is needed.

According to its designers, this millimeter robot uses its folding ability, like an accordion, to squeeze the medicine it must administer. Its design includes a hole that facilitates the loading of objects; It can either retrieve objects from the abdomen, for example, or it can carry cameras inside the body, which may facilitate some diagnosis.

Millirobots offer the advantage of operating in confined and inaccessible locations where their flexibility allows them to be well adapted. The main difficulty is its construction. This problem has been solved by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

Chinese researchers have developed a re-programmable, dismountable and biocompatible magnetic binder spray that can easily transform inanimate objects into these tiny robots. This applies to materials that are shaped according to the millimeter robot’s destination in our bodies.