Millionaire lawsuit filed against McDonald’s for labor abuse

Millionaire lawsuit filed against McDonald's for labor abuse

An Australian union announced on Friday that it has filed a lawsuit against the McDonald’s hamburger chain for allegedly denying the right to work breaks and is seeking compensation of 250 million Australian dollars (about 165 million dollars or 153 million euros).

In a statement, the SDA union (acronym in English for the Allied Store and Distribution Employees Association) said this is the largest labor case filed in Australia, as it represents 250,000 workers and former fast food chain workers, representing 1.8 percent. of Australian workers.

The SDA criticized that the American multinational denied these employees the right to the violations required by Australian law in about 1,000 restaurants of the American multinational in Australia, managed by 323 operators.

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“Under fast food restaurant regulations, all McDonald’s workers are entitled to a 10-minute break when working four hours or more,” said the SDA, which represents about 200,000 fast food restaurants. , warehouses, and retail workers.

The union noted that some restaurants offer refreshments and bathroom time instead of breaks and that these labor abuses are “systematic and intentional.”

“The SDA tried to resolve this matter with McDonald’s, but they refused to resolve it, let alone admit any wrongdoing,” said SDA secretary Gerard Dwyer.

“Just because McDonald’s is a multinational, multibillion-dollar fast food giant doesn’t mean it can choose which laws to follow,” the union leader added.

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