Mini, Mazda and Smart SUVs are all launching now

Mini, Mazda and Smart SUVs are all launching now

English brands belonging to BMW, Japanese and Swiss brands belonging to Mercedes-Benz and Swatch will bring significant new features in the same year 2024 to significantly increase sales to compete with market kings like Tesla. Or in the case of Spain, the Chinese MG and the enthusiast BYD, both specializing in EV cars.


Japanese brand is preparing to launch it new big suv Who? seven seats under the name CX-80 Available for sale in fall 2024, This year Mazda is preparing to launch a big SUV. CX-60’s big brother But it has experienced some delays, as its release was originally scheduled for 2023 and it is expected that it will finally go on sale around September or October.

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In short, the dates look like this:

  • CX-80: After its presentation it looked like it would go to dealers, but it will finally arrive in September or October 2024.


After being presented at the Munich Motor Show in September 2023 new mini countryman will be available to you Sales in Europe this spring And a few months later, the presentation of aceman A small electric SUV that will rival the Jeep Avenger is scheduled to launch in early 2025.

In short, the dates are as follows:

  • Countryman – already presented in 2023 and will start to be sold in dealerships in spring 2024.
  • Aceman – will be officially presented in late 2024 and will begin marketing in 2025.
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He Smart #3 Aims to become the brand’s new flagship, to be presented at the Munich Motor Show in 2023 Will be available for sale in Europe in the first quarter, This SUV represents the second electric model within the manufacturer’s range, being a coupe version of the #1 and sharing similarities with the Volvo C40 Recharge, with its commercialization expected for 2024.

In short, the dates are as follows:

  • #3 – It has already been presented last 2023 and will be marketed in the first quarter of this year 2024.


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