Mining behind the wheel of Caspa grows 200%

Mining behind the wheel of Caspa grows 200%

The current state of GPU mining is very different from what it was before it was phased out on Ethereum. However, alternatives have emerged in recent months. What is prevalent so far is the mining of Caspa, a network whose growth has been strong.

from a month ago, He hash rate o CASPA computing power increased by 200%, reaching the mark of 4,50 PH/s, This momentum also led to an uptick in the price of KAS coin, which is currently trading at USD 0.04576 with a 25% increase in the last 24-hours.

CASPA is a value exchange network that has grown significantly in the last 3 months. The word “kaspa” literally means “silver” in Aramaic. several In their community they say they defend the value of bitcoin, which is popularly regarded as modern gold.

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Mining Behind The Wheel Of Caspa Grows 200%

Caspa Mining runs Proof of Work through the GhostDAG mining algorithm. The system is capable of processing 1 block per second with 400 transactions. However, at present there is not much demand for it.

Mining Behind The Wheel Of Caspa Grows 200%
Caspa price increased by 100% in July. Source: Coinmarketcap.

CASPA Schemes & Development

team of Caspa is pooling funds to develop a browser wallet similar to MetaMask. and according to one Announcement, they have already managed to collect about US$5,000, as can be seen in the KAS address for this purpose. The Caspa team aims to reach US$30,000.

Another important factor in the growth of CASPA is the inclusion of the coin in several exchanges, one of which is Last Bitbit among them. As reported by CriptoNoticias, other exchanges that accept KAS trading are Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Bitfinex and at least 16 others.

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Furthermore, in the month of May, this medium reported the launch of an ASIC team for mining KASPA. Other computers mining this network with ASICs are the Superscalar K10 and the Iceriver KS0. Due to their greater computing power with respect to GPUs, these devices can contribute to increasing the hashrate of CaspA.

Other networks that can be mined with GPU

Another network increasing its hashrate since Ethereum overtook mining Ethereum Classic, which currently has a hashrate of 147 TH/s. The hashrate increase since April was 40 EH/s.

On its part, the Nexa network has significantly increased its computing power over the past 3 days, from 8.34 TH/s to 12.24 TH/s. With the increase in hashrate, its price in the markets increased by almost 100% in a span of 3 days.

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