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“Miraculous” diets “to go in the summer” that are harmful to health

The idea of ​​being fit or thin in summer stems from beauty stereotypes and exposure to more body surface at this time. In view of this, many resort to magical, novel or very restrictive diets, rapid weight loss or other purported food solutions to their health problems.

But those “crazy” diets have their own risks.

In this regard, Melina Bagnis, a nutrition graduate from Junin, believes that we should focus on a comprehensive health concept, “The most important thing is to maintain healthy eating habits throughout the year and not only to show That’s how we look in three months. Typical.”

In addition, Bagnis stresses that “priority should be to avoid non-communicable chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular maladies.”

In this sense, for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), “healthy nutrition is essential for the prevention of diet-related risk factors, such as overweight and obesity, and related non-communicable diseases.”

It is that these types of diets: detox diets, paleo diets or keto diets, as a few examples, are most of the time done without medical consultation based on myths about nutritional support. For this reason, overly aggressive diets or hypocaloric diets – low in calories – with which easy weight loss is very sudden and uncontrolled, are not recommended.

One of the most common mistakes when resorting to this type of diet is wanting to lose weight without considering how important it is to reduce body fat. Because losing weight is not the same as losing fat.

Relatedly, this causes the so-called “rebound effect”. Or what is the same, weight regain at the end of the diet. According to studies, 97% of people who diet to lose weight quickly, when they stop, they regain the same or more weight than before they started the diet.

Similarly, June’s nutritionist, Vanina Petraglia believes that these hard and fast diets are useless. “Theoretically, they leave us deficient in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and usually missing one macronutrient, which is usually carbohydrate, which is removed from these diets,” Petraglia argued.

This has an impact on our health, especially due to the loss of fluid and muscle instead of fat. It is that “at the caloric level, it causes us to have a lower metabolism and then when we want to eat the same foods that we ate before losing weight,” explained the nutritionist.


To prevent this from happening, the professional field’s advice would be: after a larger than usual and heavier meal, in case of hunger, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, proteins, low-fat foods such as eggs. , fish, grains, legumes or vegetables.

and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the food “to reduce the caloric density of these dishes but not lose nutritional value.” Also, skipping meals, drinking plenty of water, and exercising are essential to staying active and healthy.

Regarding the “delicious things” that we don’t eat the rest of the year, but that we choose to eat because “they’re delicious and because it’s a social meal”, Petraglia recommends that we choose what we’re going to eat. Decide the portion in advance. “Serve it, enjoy it and take control of what we eat. Don’t eat from the source,” added the professional.

Along the same lines, bagnais refers to “allowed”, which does not rule out the possibility of eating pleasure-producing foods such as chocolate or ice cream. His advice is to “work on quality and quantity rather than restriction.”

Likewise, the above nutritionist pointed out the importance of including legumes in the diet, which many times “do not include in Argentina” and are important thanks to their high fiber and iron content, among other minerals.

change lifestyle

If our project is to change body composition and we want to reduce the fat present in our body, it is always better to do it gradually with a healthy eating plan.

Petraglia said, “With an appropriate professional who creates a plan that we like, that keeps us satisfied and that we can maintain over time without feeling like it’s too strict to keep it.” can not keep.”

You have to look for a less sedentary and healthier lifestyle in various areas, and it always helps to reduce body fat without losing muscle.

“detox” diet

Detox diets involve consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables through juices or smoothies to cleanse or detoxify the body. But along with a balanced diet, a healthy body requires much more than that.

Nutrition and obesity medicine specialist Lorena Mayoraz explained that this type of diet has negative effects on our health, such as: constipation, loss of muscle mass, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, kidney stones or the development of eating disorders.

He also stated that “it is not necessary to resort to a detox diet to detoxify the body, as the body purifies itself through a homeostatic system, eliminating unnecessary substances.”

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