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Mitchell’s 71 points, Doncic’s 60, Antetokounmpo’s 55… Bad defense or good attack?

in one night donovan mitchell He goes and scores 71, a figure so colossal that it stamps the 54 next to it. klay thompson In the same dawn there are ‘relatives’. to the next, giannis antetocampo Print 55. In a week, not only 71 of ‘spida’, 55 of ‘antetto’ or 54 of kale, but also 60, 50 and 51 luka doncic or 47 Lebron James, In one month, all these huge scores plus Devin Booker’s 58, Anthony Davis’s 55, Joel Embiid’s 53, who shot up to 59 or 52 in November. Pascal I’m sorry.

and register up to six players—the first six—on the list of top scorers means 30 or more points With Doncic in the lead (34.4), he is followed by Embiid himself (33.5), Giannis Antetokounmpo (32.8), Jayson Tatum (31), Shai Gilzeus-Alexander and Stephen Curry (30). Also, although they’re down a bit now with 118, Boston Celtics They have reached a savage offensive rating of 121 this season to rank among the best offensive linemen in history. According to StatMuse data, the Nets’ highest offensive rating of the 20-21 season is 118.3.

The NBA lives in ecstasy, in a euphoric relentless offensive frenzy that not only doesn’t go down but continues to rise individually and collectively with increasingly impressive numbers in attack. What’s going on offensively in the best league in the world? Let’s try to open the keys.

Stephen Curry


in three

continuous expansion of triplet

The best known key to this unstoppable offensive surge is the ever-so-fleeting extension of the triple. According to an analysis published last year by the NBA, the three-point shot eclipsed 22% of pitches The number of teams at the beginning of the last decade – 2010-2011 season – 39% of the previous season. In this course the ratio has grown even more and shots from the perimeter represent 41.6% of teams’ total shots, doubling the ratio in less than a decade. as some Dallas, With 49.8% of the total number of shots taken, either the Warriors (47.7%) or the Celtics (47.7%) try it almost three to two. Of course, the effect of Stephen Curry has become decisive.

If you look at the average number of triples made by each team per game, the growth is also brutal. Since that remarkable 10-11 campaign, it’s gone 6,5 triple 12.2 is correct for this course, which means a difference of 17 points. The increasing weight of statistics has led teams to embrace the 3-pointer to make up for the loss of the 1-point shot. middle distance, It dropped from 31% to 13% of total attempts, while shots from the paint dropped to nearly 50%. If you shoot from afar, because you tend to take more risks, it’s better to assume something else with the midrange as ‘damaged’ in lieu of adding a little more.

However, some have been able to find in the mid-range sect a chance As is the case with the Brooklyn Nets or Chicago Bulls, taking advantage of the fact that midrange defense is not as ‘special’ as the paint or perimeter and more intermediate positions and they have two excellent shooters from that midrange as demar derojan in the case of bulls and Kyrie Irving, And above all, Kevin Durant, In one of the nets. Both lead success in the midrange, receiving 14.4% from there and 13.8% of their annotations.



great example Nikola Jokic

players were fast full and working

The development of the player himself also has a decisive weight in the NBA’s offensive frenzy. Basketball is moving towards a sport in which venues are increasingly spread out because more and more players – regardless of their size – can do more things, together Victor Vembanyama A great example of a total player, despite the fact that the ‘Gallic’ unicorn has not yet landed in the world’s best league. However, Bol Bol is already a young man (23 years old compared to 18 for the French) who already meets that profile.

hey giannis antetocampo, for whom with his 2.13 he prepares to flush as a point guard, while a 2.01 like Luka Doncic has become the most efficient player a point guard has posted this season. and the development of the incredible Brooke Lopezwho didn’t shoot a triple at age 26 and is 38% with five shots per game at 34, even as the Bucks drew on him as a shooter on occasion.

Current centers are already the hottest example of where the game is developing, residuals and those big guys who only know how to score in the paint and grab rebounds, at least in the context of stars. You only have to see the MVP of the last two seasons, Nikola Jokic (2,11), Eighth last year in assists with 8 and the league’s leading passer for several seasons, also a good 3-pointer, like Joel Embiid.

Also, there are other reasons that you mentioned jose manuel calderon In a conversation with MD a month ago to understand this vertical individual development of players: “There are a lot of good players and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop them and when you stop them others put them, it can be said that there’s more and more talent and role players in. And I think everything is progressing and you see more things and eventually, with more statistics, more knowledge of the game, And that leads you to the fact that if a player is good at something, he does more of it”. Extreno stands out.

But increasing competition also stimulates this type of annotation. “Plus, anyone can beat you, there’s no easy team in the NBA anymore,” Calderón recalls. Not surprisingly, these four huge scores have had the largest margin of victory 10 points Bucks over Wizards (123–113), with other games decided by 5 points or less.



more assets, more points

high speed

The evolution of basketball towards a faster game has also had a significant impact on the increase in scoring statistics. If in the 09–10 academic year, according to Basketball Reference data, teams played an average of 92 positions per game, compared to 99 they currently play, a significant increase of 7 possessions. And the more rights, of course, the more points.



Triple conditioned other areas of the game

l ‘spacing’

The explosion of triples has had an effect in other areas of the game outside the perimeter. The fact that there are more and more shooters and higher success rates makes it on the big track. Defenders have to stay close to the attacking players to open up the shot and this opens the way for the ball directly. Entry From the perimeter it facilitates at the same time that, in situations of ‘spacing’, teams have more space and in addition to the shot at the basket, they enjoy more holes to resort to other actions such as deduction or plays in the following verse.

los celtics, son jason tatum As a leader, he is a great example of teams that do a great job of spacing. If you look at the first course, for which the figures are, say, 13-14, then the marks obtained from penetration have also increased significantly. Then the average was 16.8 points per penetration per team per match, this figure has increased to 27. in less than 10 years.



effect of rule

new rule in favor of change

The NBA, as an organization, also does its part so that the attack scores as many points as possible in accordance with the rules of the game. Although last year it was popularly implemented ‘Hard rules’ -Not a sign of foul with unnatural movements of the offense seeking to receive free kicks-, this season he has introduced a decisive rule that leads to even more exuberant attacks.

According to this course, fouls to cancel the transition are costly, as the team committing them is penalized with a free kick to the player who received the offense—regardless of whether his team is in bonus—and capture for opponent, This rule also applies to fouls committed by players without the ball. The change means that the average points per possession on fast breaks increases from 1.12 to 1.16, resulting in an average of 4 more points per 100 possessions.

All of these factors include Sacramento Kings assistant coach, Jordi FernandezTwo are standing at the top. “I think, especially in the regular season and the start, what prevails most is talent and you see it on a day-to-day basis, players are extremely talented To score and the rule changes that have taken place in the league are also in favor of the shooters”, the Badalona man said in an interview with MD.

The context accompanies and everything adds up to take part in an NBA that is on the rise offensively. Where can be the limit?

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