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Mixed Reality: How the Technology Combining Virtual and Augmented Reality Works

Mixed reality, also known as hybrid reality, is understood as a combination of virtual and augmented reality. This combination allows the creation of new virtual spaces within our reality.

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Company Mixed Reality executive Aldo Valladares hinted in an interview Business what “You have to be clear about the difference between all realities. Virtual reality is completely immersing yourself in a virtualized environment. Augmented reality is taking a phone or tablet and looking at any 3D object in my reality. Mixed reality is mixing these two worlds. I put on glasses, and automatically I’ll be able to see a semi-virtual environment with my own reality.”

How does mixed reality work?

Mixed reality, like augmented reality, works through the projection of 3D elements. These elements are isolated by monopolizing a large part of our reality. In this case, the user will be able not only to keep this element in his field of vision, but also to interact with it.

An example may be given in the use of heavy machinery through a mixed reality viewer to publicize the possibilities present in its management.

,There are many ways to apply this technology to the fields. It is best known to train users to handle heavy equipment. For example, imagine that an automobile company wants its customers to have the opportunity to test-drive their cars. Logically, bringing all your vehicles to a show would not be profitable for you. This is where mixed reality comes in. With it you can recreate the products of this company, as well as give the option to interact with the spaceValadares comments.

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However, despite its great usefulness, the tool is not yet optimized for widespread use for all users. It is mainly used for corporate activities in companies.

Valadares says that “Technologies such as virtual reality became known through entertainment; That is, through video games. They were already optimized to be used by any user. In the case of mixed reality, there is a different scenario, as it was born with a purpose that was more focused on the business. So it will not be so tempting to adopt this technology for the entertainment of the common user.,

Nevertheless, mixed reality is considered a technology that has not yet been used. Due to its recent presence among the masses, its development is in its first stage towards standardization. Therefore, its general adaptability and pursuit of entry into entertainment cannot be ruled out.

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What equipment is needed?

To get into the mixed reality space, you need a special headset or “glasses”. There are many devices available today, but the most famous and used for immersion projects is the Microsoft HoloLens.

Hololens Is The Most Commonly Used Viewer For Projecting Spaces With Mixed Reality.  (Photo: Microsoft)
HoloLens is the most commonly used viewer for projecting spaces with mixed reality. (Photo: Microsoft)

Metaverse Studio is one of those companies that works with this technology to develop immersive projects for other companies. Their main tool is the audience when it comes to presenting their productions.

“Developing a project with mixed reality is similar to augmented reality. 3D modeling and powerful computers are needed to support the processes. But, the factor that differentiates mixed reality from augmented reality is the programming process and what devices The figures are directed atsays Alonso Miro Quesada, an executive at Metaverse Studios, in an interview with Daily,

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Mixed Reality in Peru?

If mixed reality itself is an innovative technology for the general public, and has been developed for a short period of time, its application in the country is still rare.

One of the main reasons is because of the little information available about it, as it is not a widely used tool. However, another factor that plays against it is the prices of the equipment. The HoloLens alone costs around $2,000 to $3,000, which is nearly impossible for lay users to afford compared to VR headsets ($400 to $500) (given that you’ll need more than one headset in a large project with this technology). the wanted).

“This is the same situation as other technologies, only in mixed reality it is more complicated because it is the most recent and expensive. Indeed, if this device were implemented in the country, sectors such as medicine or education would have benefited greatly.Aldo Valladares of Mixed Reality comments.

However, the commitment of companies to the development of this technology in our country is the key to its standardization.

“There’s still a long way to go, but taking the risk of continuing to work with mixed reality or other little-known tools helps create a more technological country”Miro Quesada finished.

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