Mobile health will be key to treating chronic diseases, according to Robert Estepanian

Mobile health will be key to treating chronic diseases, according to Robert Estepanian

The birth of the smartphone was the first major turning point. At that time “the era of health applications began,” says Robert Estepian, professor at the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, the originator of the term mobile health and a benchmark in health technology.

In late 2019, with the outbreak of Covid, “mobile health became even more important,” he explains. digital devices have made it possible Monitoring of patients and remote tele-consultation, But not only that, as countless apps aimed for different areas of medical care have also flourished, such as patient monitoring, well-being or prevention.

“There was a huge jump in terms of investment, universities and interest in education,” argues the expert. Thanks to this impulse, it was achieved”Perform remote diagnostics with remote query,

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Hence the proliferation of applications to know stress, blood sugar levels, blood pressure … The fact is that doctors could not see patients, it was necessary to be treated and continue to care for patients with chronic diseases. Currently, mobile health is “a global industry that reaches almost a trillion dollars,” Estepian explains.

With this bombardment of possibilities comes one of the biggest current challenges: cyber security. There is a risk of becoming a victim of cyber attacks that compromise information Delicate and private to a large number of people. This threat is “a major problem, therefore further investigation is necessary” to deal with potential cyber attacks and protect data systems.

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Meanwhile, the technological and digital revolution in the healthcare sector seems limitless. We are on the threshold of “The Sixth Mobile Generation: 6G” of telecommunications. Undoubtedly, “this will further change the way we use smartphones” in the field of health.

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