Modern Warfare 3 developers didn’t see the irony in Christopher Judge’s joke

Modern Warfare 3 developers didn't see the irony in Christopher Judge's joke during The Game Awards

It cannot be a ceremony at The Game Awards without scandals and controversies and, for the second year in a row, Christopher Judge, voice of Kratos, starred in the most controversial moment of the night, when, aiming in his acceptance speech last year, he said It took so long that it lasted longer than the campaign Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3to the surprise and laughter of those who attended the event.

But those involved in the development of the game did not see it with humor, and many of them jumped on social networks to respond, saying why Call of Duty better than God of War, on some cases and others to simply express their WOE to make fun of a colleague.

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“Honestly, as developers of Call of Duty, we’ve heard worse. But we wouldn’t expect that from a partner, at an event that should celebrate this year’s achievements in gaming. Especially with all information leaked about his progress.”

Nelson Plumey, art director of Treyarch, for example, he said with an ironic tone, “Think your game is forgotten when they finish it… I don’t know what that feels like”. While Infinity Ward veteran Ajinkya Limaye said more directly and simply Call of Duty destroy everything God of War in terms of metrics, and that makes it even funnier.

Why is the Game Awards 2023 causing so much controversy?

Every year there is controversy surrounding the awards ceremony, organized by Geoff Keighley, but this one is particularly divisive, first because of the selection criteria for some categories, and then because of the structure of the ceremony. The joke is about Call of Duty -which, in fact, is the worst in many years-, is only the beginning of the event.

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