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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Modi’s new India will not back down from giving military response to Pakistan’s provocation: US intelligence report

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In the report given to Congress in the US, the American Intelligence Community said The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is far ahead of his previous counterparts in the possibility of Pakistan responding to it on military level after anti-India activities.

In the Annual Threat Assessment Report placed before the US Congress, the Office of the Director of National Security (ODNI) has completely ruled out any possibility of war between India and Pakistan. But it is suspected that the crisis between the two countries will intensify in the near future.

Report It also states that India wants to establish normal relations with its neighbors. But until Pakistan ensures an environment free of terror and violence, India will not have any kind of friendly relationship with it.

The ODNI report specifically stated that India is more articulate in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi than the previous heads of state in taking military action against Pakistan. Any terrorist attack in India by Pakistan or circumstances of unrest within Kashmir can lead to a possible conflict between two nuclear weapon states. Since the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 and dividing the state into two union territories, the capitals of the two countries have no high commissioners of each other.

According to the report of the ODNI report, Iraq and Syria were major concerns of the US military during the fighting in Afghanistan. But the state of conflict between nuclear-rich India and Pakistan is still a matter of concern for the whole world. This report is based on the near-term and far-reaching effects of future events. Washington This report, released in May, assists policy-makers for US military engagement around the world.

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