Mojokerto men built a 60 meter cave under the garden, it looks amazing

Viewed from above, at first glance the garden of Mustain (54), a resident of Rt 6 RW 1, Dusun Tumpangsari, Mojokarto, East Java, looks normal. However, upon closer inspection, there is a cave 60 meters long beneath the garden and up to 15 meters deep.

informed of datecaste, Friday (26/8/2022), It is not without reason that Mustin built this cave. According to him, it was his great-grandfather’s idea that drove him to dig the soil and become a meditation place in the Heritage Garden. He got this money after observing white fast for 40 days.

datecaste Opportunity to enter the cave The cave is built under a garden which is spread over an area of ​​about 50×40 square meters. There is a family prayer hall in the garden to the south of Mustin’s house.

Meanwhile, the entrance to the cave is on the southeast side of the prayer hall in the form of a hole with a diameter of about 100 cm surrounded by a red brick wall. The access to the cave is in the form of a dirt ladder that can only be traversed by one person.

Caves made by Mojokerto residentsA cave made by a resident of Mojokerto (Enggran Eko Budianto/detikJatim)

from the mouth of the cave, datecaste You have to walk down so that you don’t hit the top. Next, using a cell phone flashlight, we walked down the cave passage which was about 70 cm wide to the north. This narrow lane then turns to the left or west.

Mojokerto.  underground caves inUnderground caves in Mojokerto (Enggran Eko Budianto/detikJatim)

After passing through the second corridor, datecaste Mustain took her to a big first room. There are many big round pillars made of clay in this room. Between the pillars and walls of the cave is a 2 meter tall tomb building. There is also a well behind this tomb whose diameter is about 60 cm, which is 12 meters deep.