Mom burns her baby in the oven and says she mistook it for a crib

Mom burns her baby in the oven and says she mistook it for a crib

A dramatic incident shook a neighborhood in Missouri, United States, after police received an alert about an unusual situation at a local home. When they reached the place, they found a heartbreaking sight: a child, apparently by his mother, had been burned in an oven.

A 26-year-old woman, identified as Maria Thomas, allegedly killed her one-month-old baby by burning her in the oven of her Kansas City home, according to police reports. He told officers that he had mistaken the kitchen for his daughter’s crib.

Agents described the scene as horrific, as the little girl was found last Friday with severe burns and no vital signs. The emergency call alerting about a baby with breathing problems came just a day after Thomas’ birthday.

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Upon arriving at the scene, rescue workers found that the child was severely burned and her clothes had melted into her diaper. According to court records, the girl’s grandfather told police that he received a disturbing call from Thomas, who informed him about the little girl’s critical condition and requested her to return home immediately.

Upon going inside, the grandfather smelled strong smoke and found the baby unconscious in her crib. According to her testimony, when the mother was asked what had happened, she replied that she thought she had left the girl in her crib, but by mistake she had placed her in the oven.

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The young mother, who lived with her parents, was detained and reportedly gave detectives consent to take blood samples and access her phone records.

The police expressed deep regret over the tragic death of the child and expressed their condolences on such a tragic incident. Local media said, “Our hearts are overwhelmed by the loss of this precious life. We trust that the criminal justice system will respond appropriately to these terrible circumstances.”

For her part, the mother is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and causing her daughter’s death.


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