Mom reveals the ‘weird’ thing she brings on plane trips, and it’s pretty cool

mother and baby on the plane airplane activities for kids tape painter
Few things in life are as stressful as traveling with children. Between planning, packing and scheduling, your vacation may not seem like much of a vacation. And then there’s the most challenging part of all: flying.

Although we are all children at some point in time, some people Granted dislikes children on airplanes (and even more despises children). Although it is definitely more than one they problem than a you problem, it adds even more stress to the trip. So what do you do? Overpack all the activities, snacks, pillows, stuffies, blankies and anything else you can think of to keep your kiddo occupied and happy, and thus keep everything on the plane cordial for your health.

When we think of airplane activities for kids, our brain usually goes to a tablet or coloring book, stickers, toys, books, things like that, but Instagrammer Nichola Knox ( @nicholaknox) has a different must-have that he admits is “weird.” but honestly brilliant: painter’s tape.

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In a viral reel, Knox shows off all the things he uses painter’s tape for both on the plane and during his travels, including a spare cup holder, button blocker, stickers on window, counting games, save the toy game, practice letters, truck bridge. , a napkin bib, hide-and-seek toy, a snack holder, open toy toy, swing toy, and roads when you get to where you live. The reel shows her little boy actually using the tape in all these ways and seems genuinely happy about it. (Of course, that lasts 30 seconds and is followed by a meltdown, but still, even 30 seconds of fun is a win if you’re flying with kids).

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As if the list wasn’t long enough, Knox also shared other uses of the reel’s caption. “I swear to you. Great on the plane but also on vacation,” she wrote. “Put labels on baby cups, a bandaid if your little one ‘really needs it,’ put on locks and drawers you don’t want to get into. The list goes on. It will forever be the ‘weird’ thing I bring on trips. ”

There are so many high-tech gadgets that we use to help entertain our children when we need them, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the most impact. Who knew painter’s tape could be so versatile?

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