Mom shops at Costco with a budget of 1,700 per month

Mom shops at Costco with a budget of 1,700 per month

Good prices and the best promotions are the driving force for many consumers when it comes to buying from a brand. An example is a mother who decided to share social networks, How to save money when buying food for three children with a budget 1,700 per month at Costco.

We are now in an era where promotions and offers are very important and it has been shown in many studies that the detail that consumers need are the needs that lead a person to search and pay for a product or service that manages to satisfy them.

The BCG report shows that buyers are changing their consumer habits, showing that 70 percent of consumers are looking for promotions and offers more often.

According to a study by Savi, consumer behavior is changing and will become more demanding as prices rise, where millennials, those most actively looking for promotional discounts and more likely to change of brands or stores to save.

This is Laura Avenius Eliason who is presented as a busy mother of three children who always tries to stay on budget.

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To feed her children under 8, without breaking the bank, the crafty mother cooks mostly from scratch. And he says that when he takes out his shopping cart and walks the aisles, he always looks for discounts.

“Costco is one of my favorite grocery stores because I find great deals on foods made with simple ingredients,” he said in an interview published by Insider.

The mother said she was trying to get in and out of the store by spending only about $100 a month. Securing as a task that definitely requires intense concentration, because of the many attractive offers of the retailer.

Plus, he shares ten things you’ll always find in your cart and why you should always buy them at the wholesale store.

According to the mother of the store you can find Kirkland Signature organic blueberries, “I thought the bag of Kirkland Signature organic frozen blueberries was a really good one.”

“They’re great to eat as a snack or use in pancakes, muffins and blueberry smoothies,” she says.

Another of their products is Kirkland’s exclusive Quinoa. “She always grabs a bag of Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa because it’s packed with nutrients and high in fiber.”

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“My kids are starting to enjoy quinoa because of its similarities to rice and other grains.”

“For 3 kilos. The bag costs you $9.50, about half of what you would pay at the local supermarket,” he said.

Also buy Honest Kids organic juice boxes at great prices. “I rarely give juice to my kids, but they love having some Honest Kids brand in their lunchboxes.”

“I find these juice boxes have less sugar and are about $5 cheaper than many competitors. I always stock up when they’re on sale during the back-to-school season.”

A 40-pack of juice boxes cost $12.80 on his last visit to the retailer.

Tortillaland flour tortillas are also one of their secrets. “My family loves to have taco nights, but I’m not always a big fan of the ingredients and additives with some flour tortillas.”

“I was happy to discover Tortillaland tortillas, with simple ingredients like flour, water, canola oil, salt and sugar.” For $8.50 at his local Costco, he got a 50-count package.

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The woman claimed she was buying avocados at the store. “I’m a big fan of the quality of the large avocados at Costco, which are sold in bags of six.”

“My family loves to eat them with guacamole and my kids enjoy them on avocado sushi rolls as a healthy snack after school.” You just paid $6.40 for a bag.

This woman has joined others who have gone viral in showing how to save money by buying food at the wholesale store.

An example is, through a Facebook group, where a thrifty mother reveals how she can afford a large butcher shop to feed her family with a small amount of money at Costco.

The story, recorded from an Australian mother, shows how to buy meat in bulk at Costco and then freeze individual portions to save big. The woman who participates in a Facebook group called “Moms on a Budget” posted a photo of her large butcher shop that she divided into vacuum bags in her refrigerator.