Monday is the deadline for helping hands

In 2020, Sarai Adams, 11, wrote to Helping Hands asking for $200 for her brother, Ari Macon, who takes care of two jobs for her, so they can pay for LED lights to reduce their utility bills. Can do

John Hart, State Journal Archives

Student: The countdown is on. We want to help you help someone in need during the holidays. But we want to hear from you by Monday!

The deadline for our annual Helping Hands program is November 15. As it does every year, the Wisconsin State Journal is inviting children and teens to write or email a short letter about someone in their community who could use a helping hand during the winter holidays. Is. , Readers 18 and under are asked to explain what they would do if they had $200 to help someone else.

The Helping Hands coordinator will select some of the letters and assist a classmate, friend, neighbor or community member to help carry out the authors’ plans. Letters are carefully scrutinized to ensure that gifts are being sent to those who need them most. Selected entries, edited for length and to avoid identification of recipients, will be published in the State Journal in December.

Here’s how to submit a letter to Helping Hands:

Email it at [email protected], or mail it to: Helping Hands, Attention: Gail Verland, Wisconsin State Journal, PO Box 8058, Madison, WI 53708. Families, classes or other groups may submit entries individually or in an envelope. ,

Please include the author’s first and last name, age, grade, school and community/city name, as well as the parent/guardian’s name, email address and phone number if we have any questions. Teachers and group leaders, please also include your name, email address and phone number so that we can contact you. Whenever possible, please include the name and city of the person or family described. This information will not be published.



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