Monte de Piedad finished with an 18-karat yellow gold Virgin Mary pendant

Monte de Piedad finished with an 18-karat yellow gold Virgin Mary pendant

Still don’t have a Christmas present for your mom, sister, daughter or wife? This is your chance to show a good detail, because Monte de Piedad finished with an 18-karat yellow gold Virgin Mary pendant.

Having a gold chain with a beautiful medal is one of the favorite accessories of women; However, it becomes quite complicated to wear as its cost scares many pockets.

Fortunately, the financial institution wants to help you achieve this, which is why it is selling a medal with the image of the Virgin Mary at a price you will not forget.

Remember that Hill of piety It is an institution where people can go to borrow money in exchange for leaving a deposit, and as a guarantee for the return of that money and the payment of interest, a valuable thing like a gem.

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However, there are people who, for economic reasons or other reasons, are allowed to lose their properties, which the institution is responsible for putting up for sale.

The 18k gold medal of the Virgin Mary that is in Monte de Piedad’s auction

Because of this, this time he put Above is an 18-karat yellow pendant of the Virgin Mary. that should be in your hands to show off or give as a gift to that special someone.

The medal has a normal price of 10,619 pesos, but Hill of piety applied a 33 percent discount, so it can be yours for just 7 thousand 109 pesos.

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If you can’t buy it in cash, don’t worry, because it’s also possible to pay it in up to 12 weeks with Kueskipay.

she Virgin Mary pendant It weighs 6.6 grams, is openwork, has 18-karat yellow gold enamel and measures 1.6 centimeters wide x 4.5 centimeters tall.

It should be noted that although the product has undergone a process of selection and restoration, the medal shows slight signs of use, but nothing that affects its aesthetics.

So you know The 18-karat yellow gold Virgin Mary pendant is up for auction at Monte de Piedad Do you dare to take it?