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Moov Andrana and Unveera, Kupang Politani become the best in NTT Webometrics Edition – NTT People

Kupang, RNC – Webometrics ranks among the best universities in Indonesia and the world. A total of 2,592 universities in Indonesia are included in the latest Webometrics ranking. Now, exclusively for NTT, summarizes only 10 best universities.

The Webometrics 2022 ranking uses visibility, transparency and research indicators. Quoted from the Webometrics page, the visibility indicator is measured by the number of external networks connected to the premises site.

In the Webometrics ranking, an indicator of on-premises transparency is measured by the number of citations. Meanwhile, research indicators can be seen from the number of publications from the top 10% of the 27 subjects.

The Webometrics ranking emphasizes that a campus site is a reflection of a trustworthy university. The campus site is also important to the university’s mission for scientific communication and knowledge transfer to the community, a PJJ channel, an open forum for the community, and a platform to attract talent, funding and resources.

Quoted from the Webometrics page, this ranking does not measure the popularity of a website, its design or usability, or its content based on the number of visits or visitors. However, campus site indicators are considered as proxies in an accurate, comprehensive and thorough assessment of global university performance, taking into account activities, outputs, as well as their relevance and impact.

Launching the Webometrics page, Friday (12/8/2022) informed that there are three evaluation indicators in determining the ranking of the best universities in Indonesia, namely impact or visibility, openness or transparency, and excellence. The impact or visibility assessment has a weight of 50 percent, the weight of openness or transparency is 10 percent, and the weight of excellence is 40 percent.

Based on the Webometrics assessment, for the July 2022 edition, Kupang State Agricultural Polytechnic secured the highest ranking in NTT. For the national ranking, Politani Kupang was ranked 108th. Politani had replaced Undana who was ranked first in the January 2022 edition.

The 10 best universities in NTT according to the July 2022 edition of Webometrics are:

1. Kupang State Agricultural Polytechnic
National Ranking: 108
World Ranking: 6.017

2. Nusa Senkana University
National Ranking: 198
World Ranking: 7,582

3. Unavira Kupango
National Ranking: 330
World Ranking: 10,251

4. University. Indonesian Catholic St. Paul Ruteng
National Ranking: 435
World Ranking: 12,550

5. University. Sumbawa Sermon Christian Vira
National Ranking: 558
World Ranking: 14,751

6. Kupang State Polytechnic
National Ranking: 568
World Ranking: 14,973

7. STKIP St. Paul Ruteng
National Ranking: 617
World Ranking: 15,811

8. Your Immortal Unimore
National Ranking: 690
World Ranking: 16,964

9. UKAW Kupang
National Ranking: 698
World Ranking: 17,089

10. Kupang Health Polytechnic
National Ranking: 737
World Ranking: 17,568

10 Best Universities in NTT as per January 2022 edition of Webometrics:

1. University. Nusa Sendana (Udana)
National Ranking: 147
World Ranking: 6,680

2. University. Vidya Mandira Catholic (Unavira)
National Ranking: 222
World Ranking: 8411

3. Agricultural Polytechnic (Politani) Kupang
National Ranking: 346
World Ranking: 11,897

4. STKIP st. Paul Ruteng
National Ranking: 388
World Ranking: 12,872

5. University. Christian Vira Wakana (Uncrisvina) Sumba
National Ranking: 428
World Ranking: 13,721

6. Kupang State Polytechnic
National Ranking: 517
World Ranking: 15,419

7. University. Timor (Unimor) Kefamenu
National Ranking: 606
World Ranking: 16,916

8. University. Kristen Earth Wakana (UKAW) Guy
National Ranking: 654
World Ranking: 17,800

9. Kupang Health Polytechnic
National Ranking: 685
World Ranking: 18,340

10. University. Nusa Nipa (Unipa) Maumere
National Ranking: 758
World ranking: 19,552


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