Morata needs the team and the team needs the strong Morata


Speak Diego Pablo Simeone after the loss against Barcelona. The Argentine acknowledged that he works in defense and attack without thinking about the game … and hopes that Correa and Morata, those who see well, return to the path of the goal.

Belt. Lots of scoreless games. How do you see him physically and emotionally?

I can see it very well. He has goal situations. Business as usual. He has minutes and he makes the most of them. He needs to find the goal, which will surely come

Right wing position. Molina and Llorente and how to combine

Opinions are respected. In some sports it creates speed and physical strength. That’s what we did

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Atleti is the most.

You think about the game. If we get what we get, especially the Sevilla team that is late, we have to play every three days. We played 5 games in 13 days. This is a huge effort and we need them all. Always thinking about the next game.

Morata, four games without scoring. If you have more maturity to accept it.

He can explain well. Work on what the team needs. This is very important. The other day he was alone. We have to create chances. Morata needs the team and the team needs the strong Morata

How is the team after the loss?

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We focus on improving both defensively and offensively. Not from the loss we suffered on Sunday, but knowing that this week we will get what we need. The team works well

Almeria are last and those at the bottom make it difficult for them

Everyone can think what they want to think. The goal is to follow the path and take the game where we can do damage. The enemy has needs just like us. We hope to have a great game.