More and more electric cars, will traditional car transmissions become extinct?

Traditional cars still require a transmission system as a link between the engine and the drive system. What about the fate of traditional car transmission components if the demand for electric cars continues to grow rapidly and be preferred by consumers?

For information, let us tell you that the power distribution system in electric cars is not the same as traditional electric cars, which still have manual and automatic transmission systems.

In fully battery-powered electric vehicles, the driving components are more compact. Because using dynamo the power can be delivered directly to the wheels and the speed is adjusted using the controller.

If many electric cars were used, what would happen to the traditional car transmission system? So, will the manufacturer make adjustments?

Answering this question, the chairman director of PT Honda Precision Parts Manufacturing (HPPM), Manabu Shiraki, could not predict it further. According to Shiraki, more studies still need to be done.

“We are still looking, there is nothing we can inform you about,” said Shiraki in Kalihurip, Karawang, West Java, Monday (12/9/2022).

Although he has not been able to provide more detailed information about the adjustment process, Shiraki still sees the importance of electric cars as vehicles of the future.

“The production of electric cars is very important. So the production of electric cars (in the future) will be (more). So at Honda, the progress on electric cars is still being considered,” he said.

Honda has started showing its seriousness in working on electric vehicles globally. In China, for example, after 2030 a manufacturer with the H logo will no longer release new cars with conventional engines. Honda will launch only hybrid engine (HEV) and full battery (EV) electric cars.