More and more women and men in Japan don’t want to get married

According to a survey, 14.6 percent of women in the age group of 18 to 34 years in Japan and 17.3% of men do not want to get married. Surveys released on September 9 by the National Institute for Population and Social Security Research show that people in Japan are reluctant to tie the knot.

In 1982, when the survey was first conducted, 95.9 percent of men and 94.2 percent of women said they wanted to one day get married.

More and more Japanese men no longer want housewives

In the current survey, when asked about the ideal lifestyle for women, 39.4 percent of men and 34 percent of women answered that for them it was a balance between a career and raising children.

The percentage of single men who prefer a housewife as a partner has dropped significantly and is now at 6.8 percent.

kids are too expensive

When asked about men and women’s needs for their potential spouses, 48 ​​percent of men said they were “financially capable” – 6.3 percent more than in the previous survey.

On the other hand, 70.2% of women choose their partner based on their housework and childcare skills – a massive 12.5% ​​increase from the previous survey.

The ideal average number of children of married couples as per the present survey is 2.25, which is 0.07 less than the previous year. In particular, the cost of childcare is perceived as too high by many surveyed.

A survey conducted by the Japanese government also shows that the number of people wanting to marry in Japan is falling. The main reason for this is mainly financial burden and housekeeping.


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