Morra, who danced years ago to perform, is now making music in Hollywood

Morra, who danced years ago to perform, is now making music in Hollywood

Clue in the movement to raise awareness.- The woman who a few years ago went viral for her dance performance, now it turns out that she makes music and is still successful.

This is Daniela del Río, a girl who a few years ago did a different kind of dance protest, which became so viral that it became canon for many. memes and received countless parodies because of its style.

So, Del Río disappeared completely, and now he has re-emerged as a singer and visual artist, and his music is even used in films. Hollywood proves that “life gives you surprises, life gives you surprises.”

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The girl who “dances because you have nothing to do” is now coming to Hollywood

As a composer of his own songs, Del Río has positioned himself and his singles can be heard on various music platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, including his latest hit “Lipgloss” which there was a nod in the distance “dance… ‘don’t do anything.” and even in the same dance style.

As you can see, his disruptive music has its own unique sound, and he almost keeps the “trendy” steps that make him popular in the far protest, a factor that leads him to break barriers.

The artist calls himself a “poet and dreamer”, and here is the most amazing part of the whole story: his first solo called “Lo Prohibido” is part of the short film “Peccadillo” directed by Sofía Garza-Barba presented at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. In other words, the woman who once made us blush, has gone to Hollywood.

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