Most Dramatic Moment Nico Cabaret: “Most Likely It Will Hurt Me”

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one of passion nico cabreApart from acting, of course he is also a runner. This is more than a hobby, he puts in a lot of hard work and discipline in this matter. Without getting ahead, he doesn’t hesitate to carve out a place for himself, sign up, and compete in every upcoming marathon anywhere in the world.

Without going further, New York is one of the most important marathons in the world. Everyone wants to be a part and he managed to fulfill his dream in November 2018, when he was one of the 40 thousand participants. At that time he was recording that my brother is a clone and he asked for permission to leave, the condition he had placed and they left him.

Now, the actor was preparing to run the 21K of Buenos Aires tomorrow—Sunday 21. Without further ado, he was shown training a week earlier. “Today he ran late, but he ran,” he said and stopped: “Throwing Last Kilometer Before 21K of Buenos Aires”.

However, the confusion broke in the last few hours. During this Saturday afternoon – the day before the competition – he took to his Instagram account to explain the reason why he would not be in the game. It so happens that health is above all and the cabaret understood it as such, preferring to take care of itself and return to the next.

“Today I’m going to tell you that After several attempts, I decided that the best thing to do was not to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon. The knee was not helping and he asks for rest. Surely the desire to run, adrenaline or something that I love will drive me to the end. But it will most likely make me feel worse and hurt it more. That is the reality, ”said Niko.

Then, he continued: “The best thing, sometimes, is knowing how to stop… (no matter how angry). I don’t think I’m saying something you don’t know. But sometimes we don’t see, or don’t want to see, the most famous, simple things. And they have to repeat it to us a thousand times. So I want to thank those who are with me, those who teach me, all those who show their love by mentoring me… asking me to pass this time.


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