Mother of perpetrator of massacre in a US high school, guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Mother of perpetrator of massacre in a US high school, guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Paul Scarpellini Los Angeles

Updated Tuesday, February 6, 2024 – 22:52

jennifer crumbley pay with top 15 years in jail For the crimes of his teenage son. After 11 hours of deliberations, a Pontiac jurymichiganThe mother of Ethan Crumbley, who was found guilty of brutal murder when he entered Oxford High School at the age of 15, on November 30, 2021. Four students between the ages of 14 and 17, In a judicial decision that establishes an important historical record in the United States.

Crumbley, 45, was found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the boys who were killed by her son, now 17. ethan crumbley, who He was sentenced to life imprisonment last year, She did not testify at her mother's trial, the process revolving around the level of parental responsibility in the massacre. They were the ones who gave Ethan the gun he used to commit the massacre.

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According to the jury, Crumbley did not alert the school about the weapons he kept at home. and to which your teen has access, I didn't even know the moment of depression What he was going through, so that he could be stopped from committing atrocities. In the words of Mark Keast, one of the prosecutors, the defendant “didn't do any tragically small and easy thing that would have prevented all this from happening.” The father, James Crumbley, 47, will be tried for the same offense in March.

This decision has a historical character since This is the first time that a father has been found guilty. For the massacre committed by his son in a school in the United States, in a country where this type of incident has tragically become common. In 2023, 83 school shootings were recorded and in 2022, 46 people lost their lives in educational centres. This was the year of the Uvalde massacre in Texas, when a teenager murdered 19 children and two teachers.

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Crumbley defended herself against the charges during nearly three hours of testimony and her attorney, Shannon Smith, described her as a “hyper-vigilant” mother to her son. This is despite the fact that at school she had been warned about a drawing the young man had made for a mathematics assignment that showed a gun, a wounded man and worrying phrases about the state of his mental health . “The thoughts don't stop. Help. The world is dead. My life has no meaning.”He has written.

At a subsequent meeting of parents at the school, located in a suburb about 70 kilometers north of Detroit, they could report about the gun they had given their son and which he had already handled with ease. But he did not say anything. Two hours after that meeting, the boy went out with his friends and started firing. seven injured In addition to the four fatal victims.

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Crumbley's lawyer said it was a case “It's very dangerous for parents there” To the luck that many of them may have in similar situations. The responsibility no longer lies solely with troubled youth.



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