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Mother with Alzheimer’s receives hundreds of Christmas gifts after going viral on TikTok

Josh Pettit, Web Developer AmericaHer mother with Alzheimer’s has been pleasantly surprised by the number of gifts she has received after she once received one viral in a video of TIC Toc and a few weeks before christmas we might know history of this woman with her son.

christmas gifts from strangers

The gifts (sent by complete strangers) that came for Betty, his mom, ranged from T-shirts, stuffed animals to handmade blankets carefully arranged by her son.

a The Virginian Pilotcounted: “There’s been an avalanche of gifts lately. Instead of mailboxes, they send me a photo every day and it says: ‘Your mom has more stuff'”and they come not only from Americaalso of england, Australia, Egypt hey Canada,

“You didn’t know you were so famous, huh?”Josh asks his mother laughing, but Betty He has a confused expression and only manages to ask: “I am?”, “You have a quarter of a million followers on TikTok”Her son informs her, but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot understand what he is saying: “I feel”,

Betty’s life and fame

But how did she become famous? Betty, it all happened before thanksgiving 2021 When her son catches his mother searching for her reflection in the mirror thinking it is someone else and talking to herself, a clip that catapulted her to popularity. red social china,

bobHer husband has been her great life partner, whom she had known since childhood in her native land. Buffalo, New YorkIn 1955, the year they started dating as teenagers. In time they married and had three children, where Excitement He is the youngest with a difference of 13 years.

When Her husband retired in 1998 they took their bags Travel across the country in a 2007 motor home when they started dividing their time between Florida why North CarolinaBut 10 years ago it was Bob who began to notice that something wasn’t right with the love of his life, as he wouldn’t look her in the eye when she talked to his friends.

there was another warning sign when it started Show problem counting bingo moneyWhich was done religiously in previous years.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s

in 2014, to Betty Diagnosed With Lung Cancer, So They Decided To Be Permanently Together Excitement In northlakeBut during his treatment he was found to have developed kidney cancer, which happily went away successfully.

However, being subjected to various drugs, it seems, contributed to alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’sas his behavior became more confused, as a cruise in 2016 where he started pulling stuff out of his cabin or as it happened Disneyland in 2017 When she warned that she would go to the bathroom, however, she walked away from her husband and son.

In 2020when coronavirus pandemic arrived at America coincides with gradual memory loss Betty, “She’s been a different person for two or three years, so it was a sad process to accept that. And eventually you get to a point where you have no choice but to do it.”,

Betty, the social media star

For this reason, the viral video of the old woman talking to her reflection in the mirror thinking it was someone else is the clearest example of her mind deteriorating as a result of this disease which has neither a cure nor a cure, But Excitement While recording it, he tried to look on the positive side: “I thought that was cute”,

November 23, 2021posted a video on Facebook of Betty Which was a tremendous success on the beach: “I think we got to 9,000 views, it was way out of the norm. I couldn’t believe it, then it just kept growing and growing.”But the next day the clip was viewed over a million times.

For this reason, when she became known outside her community, Reverend Andrew Smith From Iglesia West Church Told: “She never realizes that it is hers, yet she bestows her kindness, love and grace.”,

bob He still doesn’t understand why people have become so obsessed with the love of his life: “I couldn’t understand why people would be interested, but then I think we started to realize that how good it was for the conscience”, what Excitement adds up: “We felt we had an opportunity to shine a light on this disease that many people deal with, but many people don’t know about. If you don’t have direct experience, you’re not going to understand it.”,

But, as expected, there are some voices that criticize what they doWhere is the most recurring: “You are exploiting her. She will not want these videos lying around. you shouldn’t bother her,

However, this did not prevent early 2022, Betty Received a huge number of gifts from her followers, so the next thing to do was to make a video of the old lady opening gifts for her fans: “We just tell her: ‘This is one of your fans’ or ‘This is one of your Internet friends’, and she enjoys that attention”revealed Excitement,

betty is so close to ceasing to be betty forever

Despite the fact that they want everything to go on like this, they know that it will only last for a while, because Alzheimer’s increases to such an extent that in the end the person’s mind completely deteriorates, as Bettyafter what turning 85 on 1 December She is in the final stages of the disease, so she needs help with things that are elementary for other people, such as getting dressed, cutting food, using the bathroom, or preventing falls, to name a few. Which has happened many times in children. His life

In fact, with time, soon after, our hero will forget what it means to walk on your own, He will not remember what to say or not to eat. Undoubtedly, it is one of the saddest diseases that can exist.

betty and her family stay together till the end

In-spite of this, bob why Excitement Their goal is to keep Betty at home as long as possible: “Having him at home, keeping him happy, having a fun conversation… You can say the sky is blue all you want, but if the sky is green in his world, sometimes the sky has to be green. You enter their world and you live in it.”he confessed Web Developer,

“There are many people who are not as fortunate Betty and to be able to be with me Excitement and keep it here. Others said ‘we had to have mum at home and I live a hundred miles away’ so we are so lucky to have her with us and hopefully we will be able to stay till the end.dice bob resigned.

Then, Excitement He looks at the woman who gave him life and asks: “I’m glad you live here. Are you happy living here?”what Betty He pauses and replies: “Do I have another option?”, “probably not”Their son says which causes both laughter: “I Think You’re Stuck Here”,

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