Motorcycle gloves that improve grip and allow you to use your cell phone

Motorcycle gloves that improve grip and allow you to use your cell phone

If you have a motorcycle, you will surely give importance to the equipment, because it is a basic aspect when you go out to ride. In fact, the special clothing fulfills a double function: to protect the user in case of accidents (as it is a second skin) and, in addition, to serve as a coat against low temperatures. In the Showroom, we noticed these motorcycle gloves from the Cofit brand, the best seller on Amazon, where they have almost 50,000 positive customer reviews.

Available in seven colors and five sizes (M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL), these gloves are compatible with touch screens (phones, tablets, etc.) and can also be used for many other activities (BMX, motocross, climbing, skateboarding and other outdoor sports). Of course, they provide complete protection and are also comfortable and breathable.

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The best motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle gloves for the road

These motorcycle gloves offer you the protection you need for your hands for all types of outings, from road riding to motocross. And they have a knuckle cover and a palm pad, which protects against bumps, falls and scratches.

However, you can continue to use your cell phone and other touch screen devices with gloves on. The reason is that the pad area is made with conductive metal fibers in the index and thumb, where you can do the same precision when writing or navigating the screens.

Men’s motorcycle gloves

Thanks to the silicone gel included in these gloves in the palm area, the grip on the handlebars is much safer. Therefore, you will have more precise control of each movement without sweat or humidity affecting your hands.

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However, you don’t have to worry about wearing these gloves on hot days because they are made from a breathable material. In addition, they have several ventilation outlets to improve air flow so that your hands stay cool at any time of the year.