Mourinho's ugly gesture just before leaving Roma

Mourinho's ugly gesture just before leaving Roma

Mourinho’s departure from Roma was the strangest of all. The fans idolized him, the results were not bad enough to warrant dismissal and the relationship with the locker room had two sides. On one hand, players like Dybala, who were with him till the end. On the other hand, some who have already had enough of his ways. A division arose which could not be ended.

Well, Jose, who never sits silent and has a meaning behind his every gesture, said goodbye to Roma with a symbolic gesture with a clear message.

He left his ring in Pellegrini’s locker

No one can deny that many players in the current Roma team have raised their level significantly with the help of the Portuguese. Among them, one of the most notable, Lorenzo Pellegrini, The Italian midfielder was a cornerstone for a long time, a man who was an extension of his coach on the pitch. Like other footballers during this campaign, something broke between them. He went from being undisputed to being a regular option. Although they were talking purely on sports topics, there was something else going on as well.

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Once fired from Roma, Mourinho felt that some of his players had betrayed him. He did not name those who had failed him, but he showed it, as ‘Il Messaggero’ reports, by returning the commemorative ring that the club had given him for winning conference league, Coincidence or not, he left it in Pellegrini’s locker. This was a message to emphasize that he had been betrayed by some of the same players to whom he had given his heart.

Unlike other stages of ‘The Special One’s’ sporting career, there was something special for Roma, as he stole his heart. He expressed his desire to spend more time at the club, both actively and passively. However, sometimes loving yourself is not enough.

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His name linked to other clubs

Since he was fired from Roma, his name has joined the pool of all the important teams that are thinking of appointing a new coach, but at the moment he still has not found a destination. Arab has also bid hard for it, but till now it has not got success. Even at the age of 61, he has a lot of energy.


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