Movistar now allows calls on the 5G+ network in Spain

Movistar now allows calls on the 5G+ network in Spain

On July 4, we informed you that the Spanish operator we know Movistar launched his new network 5G+ (5G SA) in its native Spain which is deployed in conjunction with major companies such as Ericsson and Nokia.

How does Movistar Spain’s 5G network differ from Movistar Chile’s? Well, here we use the first technology called 5G 5G NSA which must use the core of the operator’s 4G network.

In Spain they have passed that stage and advanced towards 5G SA, a network that is 100% 5G and does not require the operator’s 4G network core provides greater coverage, faster and lower latency.

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Movistar Spain accepts 5G VoNR

Now that the Spanish operator is building its 5G SA network (5G+ as they call it), now is the time to improve voice calls.

Because of this, they implemented the technology VoNR which in short means Voice over 5G which is almost the same as VoLTE, what we know here as Voice over 4G.

However, VoNR offers you sound quality Ultra HD thanks to the EVS codec which it uses, in addition to offering a Almost instant connection when making or receiving a call of this technology, and you will clearly navigate 5G during a call.

Movistar Spain customers only need to have a device connected to the 5G+ network to enjoy VoNR technology, with no additional cost for the customer.

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And in Chile when will we have VoNR?

Unfortunately, we still have time to go, because, as I told you at the beginning, we are in the first stage of 5G, known as 5G NSA.

For the same reason, we have to wait for our local operators to launch their network 5G SA first and from there we just start waiting for one of them to enable VoNR.