Mozilla Monitor Plus tool eliminates personal information leaked on data intermediary websites


Mozilla has launched a new monitoring tool, Mozilla Monitor Plus, which is an annual subscription and allows you to monitor data broker websites for customers’ personal information, in order to eliminate their exposed confidential information.

The cybersecurity company already has Mozilla Monitor (formerly Firefox Monitor), a free service that allows users to find out if their email address has had a data breach and what to do in case of a data breach. Provides a series of steps to solve the problem. leak.

Mozilla has now announced the expansion of this service with Mozilla Monitor Plus, a paid service that allows users to automatically delete their data and monitor their personal information displayed on third-party intermediary websites .

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The company explains that it developed this format in search of “new ways to protect users’ privacy and give them more control when they connect”, as it emphasized in a press release.

Mozilla Monitor Plus automatically scans users’ personal information and sends data deletion requests to websites where it intercepted it. Once this process is complete, it scans the customers’ information monthly to ensure that their data is not in the records of these intermediaries.

According to the statement, the company emphasized that Monitor Plus will notify users after removing their personal information from more than 190 third-party data websites, which is “twice as many as other competitors.”

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Furthermore, he commented that Mozilla Monitor Plus has a monthly price of $8.99 per month (about 8.37 euros at the current exchange rate) and $107.88 per month (100.42 euros) and can be combined with the free service. Mozilla Monitor.


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