MSP and VOCES inaugurate XpoKids, a program for parents benefiting Puerto Rican child health

MSP and VOCES inaugurate XpoKids, a program for parents benefiting Puerto Rican child health
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XpoKids, an educational program from MSP in alliance with VOCESpr.

This coming Saturday, August 27, the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, in alliance with the Vaccination and Health Promotion Coalition (VOCES), will host the event. exokidsIn Plaza Las Americas, a space where parents and patients will be able to learn from experts about the main conditions that most affect the Puerto Rican child population from a preventive health standpoint in which they can access the care they need for little ones and will address the treatment. ,

The program will start at 9:30 am and will end at 2 pm. There, important doctors and specialists will delve into pediatrics, gastroenterological, pneumological, endocrinological, dermatological diseases, etc.

In this educational space, Puerto Ricans will be able to address their doubts oriented to specific conditions, from adverse symptoms, and identification of risk factors, to diagnosis and treatment procedures.

The participating experts are:

  • Dr. Antonio Del Valle, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. David de Angel Sola, Pediatric Pulmonologist
  • Dr. Sheila Perez Colon, Pediatric Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Jeanette Santos Rodriguez, Pediatrician attached to the Hospital Metropolitano
  • Dr. Wanda Torres, Infectious Disease Specialist
  • Dr. Gerardo Tosca, President of the Puerto Rican Society Pediatrics
  • Wanda Gonzalez, nutritionist, dietitian and exercise physiologist

Some of the conditions that will be addressed are childhood diabetes, precocious puberty, asthma in children, infectious diseases and Crohn’s disease. In addition, it is important to mention that these are conditions that have a high prevalence. Puerto Rico Hence the purpose of this space would be to raise awareness and educate parents in the proper management of each pathology.

Type 1 diabetes is the one that is most often diagnosed in children, however, endocrinology experts warn about the increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes, which is exacerbated by obesity and harmful lifestyle habits for infants.

In the case of precocious puberty, which will be one of the topics to be addressed at the meeting, it can occur from the age of 8 and affect the normal development of boys and girls, so it is essential that parents are the main Know the symptoms and manifestations associated with this condition.

Finally, the program will be broadcast on the digital platform of the Journal of Medicine and Public Health. learn more about exokids and everything related child’s health @revistamsp on social networks or at