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Monday, March 8, 2021

Mumbai DCP sues Arnab Goswami for realizing parody Twitter handle

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Mumbai Police Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Abhishek Trimukhe has filed a criminal defamation suit against Arnab Goswami, founder of ‘Republic Media Network’. He has claimed that Arnab Goswami made comments and statements against him on Twitter. For this, he took the Twitter handle ‘@ arnab_5222‘Is also mentioned. Let us see what has been written in this regard in the defamation suit.

Its ‘Annexure B’ states that the above Twitter handle is run by ‘Chief Accused (Arnab Goswami)’ It also has 1.802 lakh (now 2.001 lakh) followers. It has been claimed that many defamatory tweets were made from this handle and the things that are said during the TV news telecast, the same inflammatory things are repeated and circulated to a large audience through this Twitter handle. .

It has been claimed that there is no reference to those tweets and they have been deliberately spread to defame the petitioner. Also screenshots of those tweets have been put in ‘Annexure C’. This is followed by a list of 6 tweets, which was done by this handle. It has been claimed that he has screenshots of all these. Let us see which tweets they considered defamatory.

Claim made on Arnab Goswami’s Twitter handle

The first tweet is dated August 16, 2020. It has been asked that before joining the police service, the DCP of Mumbai had sworn to serve the country or the politicians of Maharashtra? It has also demanded a CBI inquiry into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput under the supervision of the Supreme Court through the hashtag. The second tweet is dated August 7, alleging that Riya Chakraborty was in touch with Mumbai’s DCP for the past 1 year.

It claimed that they were the same DCP, who turned down Sushant’s family’s request twice. The hashtag of ‘Warrior for SSR’ has also been put forward, describing it as breaking news. In this tweet, accusing the police of pretending for 55 days in the name of investigation, the DCP has been accused of calling ‘mental patient’ Mahesh Bhatt on tea. Also, the question was asked what is Riya’s real business?

The third tweet on the same day mentioned a news report, according to which DCP Abhishek Trimukhe of Mumbai Police has called Riya Chakraborty for questioning. It has also been asked, “Country tell me, what kind of inquiry for only 21 seconds?” In the fourth tweet, the DCP has sought details of Riya’s contacts and calls and messages between them. The same allegation is repeated in the 5th tweet. In the last tweet submitted, Riya and the DCP have been asked several times, claiming which information was given to the accused?

It claims to be the official Twitter handle of Arnab Goswami

When we checked the Twitter handle with this username, it clearly stated that it is an ‘unofficial parody handle’. Also, it has been described as a ‘fan page’. There is also no blue tick on it. Tweets from Kangel Ranaut, Nita Ambani and Sonu Nigam’s parody / fake handles are also retweeted from this handle. A similar handle has been retained on Instagram. Nowhere is it written that it is run by Arnab Goswami.

The real thing is that Arnab Goswami is neither on any social media platform nor does he have any team or fan page representing him. His statement is issued only through the handles of ‘Republic World’ and ‘Republic India’, both these media institutions. He is definitely in the discussion on Twitter but he has no Twitter handle.

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