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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mumbaikars of 2 mosques, ringing 5 times a day, became a headache for IIT Bombay students, Mumbai Police deleted the tweet

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In such an educational institution, which comes in the 5 best institutions of the country, if the students of the country have problems with anything outside, then it is not the duty of the government and local administration to remove it? The same is happening at IIT Bombay, where students have raised a problem about the sound of horns ringing from a mosque located 1 km from the campus. Students say that they cannot read due to the sound coming from the loudspeaker of the mosque.

To know more about this problem, we spoke to a senior student of IIT Bombay. He told that at least 5 times a day the sound of Ajan comes from the loudspeaker of the mosque and this problem is in many hostels. He said that when the sound is coming from a mosque located one and a half kilometers away, it means that the mic is being played in a loud voice, which is also a violation of the Supreme Court guidelines.

Before proceeding, let us understand the map once there. There are several hostels around Powai Lake. A hostel called ‘Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center’ is located just a few kilometers from the hostels. There you will see hostels 12, 13, 14, 7 and 5. Students say that all these hostels are struggling with the problem of the sound of the mosque’s loudspeaker. They are having trouble reading and writing.

Now let’s talk about the mosque. The name of the mosque whose students are having trouble due to the voice is – ‘Chand Shah Wali Sunni Mosque’, where the road goes through ‘Dargah Road’. There are also dargahs, hotels and shops named after Chand Shah Wali. The distance from hostel 12 to the said mosque is about one kilometer, while hostel 13 to 1.1 km. In this way, it is a 15-20 minute walk.

The hostels of IIT Bombay are located a short distance from the Chand Shah Wali Mosque.

The said student also told us that he has more problems especially on the day of gambling, because on that day different programs are held throughout the day and his voice keeps on echoing. Sometimes mikes are played in a loud voice even at night. All the students living around that area have more problems especially with the loud sound of the mic coming from the mosque. This hall is one of the best engineering colleges in the country.

The student said that this complaint has been made for many years. He says that a complaint was made to the Dean of Student Welfare, but he said that since the matter is outside the campus of the institute, it can only be complained to the Director or the Vice Chancellor. But, the problem of the students is that it takes a lot of effort to reach them.

Complaint with Mumbai Police on Twitter in September 2018

We spoke to a student who had tagged the Mumbai Police on Twitter and complained about the case. This tweet was done not today but only in September 2018. The student said that the volume of the mosque’s mic is increased at any time. The Mumbai Police is quite active on social media and has often kept talking through the mimes, in such a situation, we asked the student if there was any response to this complaint.

The answer was shocking. The student said that the Mumbai Police asked him to send a location in response to that tweet. When the location was sent, he deleted his tweet. The student said that he had no idea that the police would delete his tweet, so he did not take any screenshot of it. She told that many junior students are also disturbed by this voice and are searching for solutions.

Problems are being caused by the complication process. One student said, “Let us go into administration.” Make a complaint to the police. Then complain to the institute’s high officials by hard copy and mail. Remind them of this again and again. How will all this happen along with studies? Who will do so much running? ” The question is legitimate, because most of the students are not even local. They come from different parts of the country.

In fact, the problem is not a mosque. There is another mosque from where similar loud noises come from the mike. There is also a ‘Sunni Jama Masjid’, some distance from the market gate of IIT Bombay, whose students have problems with the sound of loudspeakers. The distance of this mosque from the campus of the institute is not even half a kilometer. There are some departments also. The students say that Mike’s loud voice distracts him despite being surrounded by glass.

Mosque located near market gate of IIT Bombay

Remind that the Mumbai Police does not forget to appeal to keep the volume down during Ganesh Chaturthi. In a tweet of 2018, he wrote a photo of Ganesha and wrote that whenever you are increasing the volume, you are degrading the prayer of peaceful peace. Also the hashtag of ‘Say No to Noise Pollution’ was also put up. Also wrote a quote – “Prayers are always quiet, very deep in your heart.”

Opindia talked to Inspector (Crime) Dilip Gajanan Dhamunse of Powai Police Station, who told that he was on leave to know the police’s side in the case. He asked to call the police checkpoint, but no one answered despite going full bell on both telephone numbers given on the website. No one received a call even at IIT Bombay’s DSW Urjit Yajnik’s office.

In May 2020, the Allahabad High Court ruled that the playing of loudspeakers in the mosque is not an integral part of Islam nor does it fall under Article 25 of the Constitution. The High Court had said that Azan is an integral part of Islam, but not a loudspeaker. They are also in the category of fundamental rights under Article-35 Does not come. Despite this, reports of azaan in a very loud voice often come up.

During the anti-CAA movement, we told how brainwashing of students who were not interested in politics was there. The professors who were away from politics were being tricked and their signature was being taken and presented as an idea of ​​IIT Bombay. Students of the sociology department of IIT Bombay were more active against the central government after the protests started in Shaheenbagh.

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