Museums: Discover the history of teeth

Museums: Discover the history of teeth

Visit the new temporary exhibition “Odontos, Natural and Cultural History of Teeth” and learn more about some vertebrate species.

The Government of Guadalajara, through the General Coordination of Community Building, has inaugurated the Directorate of Culture and the Museum of Paleontology of Guadalajara the temporary exhibition “Odontos, natural and cultural history of teeth”.

It is a sample of fossilized teeth from some species of vertebrates, as well as teeth from modern-day animals, highlighting the biological, scientific, and cultural importance of these highly mineralized appendages, which are evident in the oral cavities of vertebrates and have a complex evolutionary history.

This sample helps to understand how the various adaptations of their teeth have favored mammals in particular, colonizing a wide variety of habitats, leading to variation in their diet. The variation in vertebrate tooth anatomy is a result of adaptation to different foods, which has made dentition study a complex task.

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With the aim of appealing to a larger audience and expanding scholarly dissemination through the museum, In this exhibition, badges are also presented in English in order to involve those who do not speak Spanish in the care of our visitors..

IDs are also displayed in the Braille system and QR codes so that people with visual impairments can access the scientific information offered by “Odontos”.

The Guadalajara Museum of Paleontology wishes to draw its attention to other audiences, since the site has been accessible to people with motor disabilities since it opened in 2000.

The exhibition will run until March 2024 and during this period various activities will be organized for visitors: workshops, lectures and screenings of documentaries.

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Present at the opening event were: José Luis Coronado Vázquez, Cultural Director of Guadalajara; Alejandra Cruz Peña, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Fine Arts and Literature; Isabel Orendain, director of the Guadalajara Museum of Paleontology and Jorge Morlett, project coordinator of the Department of Heritage, Fine Arts and Literature.


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