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Muzammil and Yasira Aubilek, The Fusional Couple

Opposites attract, there is a saying. However, Muzammil and Yasira Aubilek prefer to speak of the entangled atoms within their relationship. The first is a pure product of St Esprit College, the second is a winner of Queen Elizabeth College. Together, they established their own telesales company for watches and jewelry from their label Lux Mauritius. To keep up with the education, Yasiirah also offers online courses, but breaking from the traditional method.

In Roches-Brunes, where the Aubilec couple live, a man with a long beard, a bold look and a soft voice, welcomes us. The image is misleading, because it is to him that Yasirah, 24, relies to manage his sales site, as no secret to Muzammil, 28-year-old Muzammil, software engineer, employee of Spoon Consulting, in IT and social networks. “There’s no showdown or competition between us, it’s all about listening, talking and sharing,” he says in the chorus. When Yasirah has an idea and runs headlong, Muzammil, like a sage, calms his enthusiasm. “We both have the energy and the conviction that it just needs to be polished and headed in the right direction,” he continues.

A real ball of energy, after studying finance and economy in Australia, Yasira did two jobs, first at MCB, then at Credit Fix where he worked as an insolvency consultant. But, at the age of just 24, she is fed up with daily wages. Married to Muzammil, whom she met on the net, she by mutual agreement with him decided to set up her own small business in telesales of watches and jewellery. “Prevention had implemented this method of business. There was excitement, but we took risks because we knew trends were often short-lived,” she explains.


As well as making their business sustainable, the couple decided to bet solely on innovation. But how do you get into a field that faces fierce competition, where during the months when the economy is down, everyone wants to take advantage of the breach opened up by Telesales? “Our assets are to offer our brand of jewelry and watches, which target young people and which combine quality at affordable prices. Muzammil argues that you just had to find the little light that makes it shine.

While everyone else is doing business in India and China, the couple is looking for deals from South Korea, another Asian tiger known only for cars and laptops. “In this country, we came across truly exclusive manufacturers whose jewelry does not exist in Mauritius,” says Yasirah. However, it acknowledges that it was still necessary to mark the gap in the local market.

“We went against a trend that seeks to encourage purchases to influencers. We favor simpler and more authentic grounds, namely local nature, with its beaches, its woods, its underground. that sometimes surround the products”, explains Muzammil, before specifying: “We wanted to bring out the emotional charge of a piece of jewellery, its intrinsic value, rather than play on the artefacts. Of course, It was a risk when to sell, you often have to appeal to glamorous people”. Equipped with state-of-the-art iPhones, the couple traveled to Albion and Alexandra Falls for the shoot. What we want to show. It must be said that Mauritius is abundant in its favorable landscape”, for his part, says Yazeera


But, in the beginning, like any new business, Lux Mauritius will take months to start. “That too, we had internalized, we knew that success was going to take time. For a few months, we did not sell anything, but we were sure of our choice: young people, ”says the young woman. Today, thanks to the ‘authentic’ growth of their offers, the number of followers on TikTok is close to reaching 13,000, confirming the couple in their likes. “Our priority was to provide branded items at affordable prices to young and old from Rs 875 to Rs 4,000. We have taken into account the financial reality of young couples since the economic crisis and this was the factor that determined our choice, Muzammil explains. And to specify his wife: “We follow trends closely, sometimes with the idea of ​​guessing them. With Muzammil who has continued his work, we follow trends on social networks for an average of two hours try to do.

field sales

For the couple, selling on the land still rests in Mauritian habits. “Customers come to us to take delivery of their purchases and are happy to know that we are as young as they are. This, too, builds trust and ensures our credibility,” Yasirah said. In August, another trial came from Cap Tamarin, where the couple had attended a fair and allowed Muzammil to show off his communication skills. “There, we sold beyond our expectations. I talked about our products and we came across as reliable,” he says.

Today, less than a year old, Muzammil and Yasira know more than ever that the stability of their business will also depend on the full recovery of the economy. “But our passion for the work and our conviction is very strong and we remain humble and true to our clients. We need to take these values ​​forward,” he explains.

Online Lessons – Yasira Aubilek: “The teacher should be more of a coach”

Recently engaged in online general paper lessons, Yasirah Aubilek begged the teacher to become a coach so that she could break her image of superiority in front of her students. “In Australia, where I studied, it was the teachers coach position that seduced me and gave results. The image of the almighty teacher is unfavorable and pushed to the extreme, it only discourages some learners,” she Citing her own career in QEC she says. “In Form 3, I was 20th in class, not ranked high enough to be on the radar of teachers. My father was employed in the forestry sector, my mother a housewife And there was no winner in my family. I got there by tapping into myself,” she says. But she believes it is not easy for a teacher to put herself on the level of all her students. It has its own realities, its truths that often have family origins. So parents should play their part. But the teacher should make an effort to understand this before distributing poor grades, which can sometimes condemn a child to the rest of his studies,” she says.

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