My electricity bill is too high, can I split it?

splits the invoice person on the computer

The general increase in prices made in electricity bills in recent years means that, for many families, keeping up to date with payments is not easy. Especially in the winter months, when rates can be higher. In these cases, rate splitting can be an ideal solution. But is it possible?

Rising electricity prices will be a problem for our domestic economy. When winter arrives, we consume more electricity than the rest of the year, it’s normal for our bills to go up. But, if the increase is too big, it’s possible that getting paid on time can be a bit of a challenge. In these cases, is it possible to divide them?

The answer will depend on the reason why the amount is so high, and the policy that our electricity company has in this regard. In this article we will expose two cases and offer you the different options we have if we find ourselves facing this situation. But, in most cases, the answer is positive and, in fact, we can pay it in installments if we need to.

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Splits The Invoice Person On The Computer

Have you ever experienced billing delays?

During 2021 and 2022, many retailers will have problems correctly billing consumers for electricity costs. A situation that causes several invoices to be combined into one and, therefore, all amounts from all previous months are added. When this situation became common, the CNMC had to approve an agreement that allowed consumers to delay the payment of invoices and spread it over several months that consumers did not receive invoices.

Therefore, if we encounter a delay that causes a three-month invoice, we can divide the total amount into three months. In this way, and as in the case of accountants’ errors or administrative errors, consumers have the right to spread the payment of the debt over several months, after the agreement of the Royal Decree 1995/2000, from December 1. To do this, all we have to do is call our company’s customer service and present the case. In any case interest must be paid for it.

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What if that is not the case?

It may also be that our rate increase is due to increased consumption, but not due to any error in our company’s billing system. In this case, there is no legal framework in this regard, as in the case of the previous case. If we find ourselves facing a situation that does not allow us to pay for electricity, we must contact the company with which we have a contract and present our particular case.

In most cases we have no problem with this, however, we may have to pay interest. However, as we insist, it will depend on the company in question. In the case of Iberdrola, for example, we can request to split the invoice from the application or website itself, without the need to contact us by phone. Naturgy or Endesa offer us the same option through the website. In other cases, we may need to call by phone to find a solution according to our needs.

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