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“My God, tell me this is not happening, my sister is not happening, please”: Arelis Mercado’s sister breaks her silence in an exclusive interview with El Nalgorazzi

Corillo, Carla Espada Ríos is the younger sister of the well-known and beloved Arellys Mercado Ríos. As we all know, Arellys died at the age of 34, brutally murdered at the Fajardo Marina, by cell phone, on August 18, 2019, at the hands of Jensen Medina Cardona.

Carla is 30 years old, lives in North Carolina, is married with 2 children, ages 2 and 6. It’s the first time that Carla opened her heart and mind about what happened to her sister in a way she never did before in any medium, for which I am so grateful.

I always wanted to know her story with Arelis, so that she could tell me, from her point of view as a little sister, everything she experienced with him and during the trial process. They were both very close. His heartbreaking account of the exact moment he learned what happened to Arelis broke my heart.

Three years and 4 months have already passed but the memories and experiences remain with Ariely. He loved her very much and he reflected the same in this interview. He told me about the emotional sight with Arielis, he painfully remembers the days when he was present at the trial, he did not hesitate to say what he thinks about Jensen today, whether forgive him or not. Thanks Carla for the trust.

You and your entire family will always be in my prayers. God bless you a lot. I am sure that one day they will see each other again.

Carla, how are you?

“I’m fine in spite of everything, although it’s up and down. Some days you’re fine and the next day you’re back and you’re down.”

How was Arleis, being his younger sister?

“Earlys was an extraordinary sister, she did anything for me and her nephew.”

What did you like most about him?

“The best thing I liked about him was his positivity. No matter what was going on or how difficult was the situation, she always thought positive, always with a lot of faith. I admire her strength in going out on her own.

How was your childhood with him?

“I had a beautiful childhood, I learned a lot from my sister. I learned to do my makeup watching her, I used to wear her clothes. She gave me her entire collection of “Barbies” in which I cut her hair and dyed all the dolls. she was angry. Although we were 8 years apart, Arelis took great care of me, she took me everywhere with her friends”

how are you like him?

“I don’t think we look alike physically or in personality. I’ve always been afraid of heights, I don’t like adrenaline, but my sister loves heights, thrills and adrenaline.

Recently Arellys would have celebrated the completion of its 38 years. how was his birthday?

“Areli loved celebrating her birthday, everyone celebrated her. He loved celebrating life. She was always happy when November came and always had plans for her birthday.

What’s keeping you standing? what are you holding?

“God is the only one who has sustained me. And my kids who are the reason I fight.”

Do you remember him? (article or something physical)

“Yeah, I keep a lot of her stuff in a suitcase-sized box. There I have pictures, and little things of him that I keep to show my children some day when they are grown up and know about their marmosets”

Did you have anything left to tell him in life?

“I wish I could tell her so many things. One of them would be that I would love to be closer to her since the distance in recent years, as I live in the United States, I feel it takes a lot The ones I couldn’t share with her, like her birthdays. I would have loved to be present at all of those. And of course, I love her and I’m so proud of her.”

Now what would you say to Arelis up there in heaven?

“I would tell her that life is so hard without her, that I miss her, that I would thank her for everything she did for me. And I wanted her nephews to grow up with her and feel that love which only she knew how to give.”

Have you dreamed of him?

“Yes, I have dreamed of him, although very little. The first time it was not a dream, because I was awake, I was crying, I was in great pain, my eyes were closed and it was like a vision. She had on white pants and a white and gray shirt and I always remember sitting with my head down and she came up to me and shrugged and put her hands on my legs and she looked at me and said: “I’m here Yes, calm down. , Be strong.”

What legacy does Arelis leave behind?

“Of a strong, hardworking, courageous woman who didn’t give up at all, who loved cultures, people, who gave to everyone around her, who wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone, who defended was able to do what she loved, that she was a humble woman.

What do you miss most about him?

“I miss everything, his hugs, his voice, his infectious laugh, especially his love. He did everything so that we could see each other more often and kept us closer ”

Did you accompany him on any of his travels?

“It was one of my dreams to travel with her. I was able to take only one trip with him and that was to see the snow in the mountains of North Carolina and New York.

What has this got to do with you?

“Travel together.”

What were you doing and how did you know what happened to him?

“We had just arrived in South Carolina, we took a short vacation that weekend to go to the beach. It was 11 to 12 at night. I’d just gone to bed, and I got a call from Joshua. It was very awkward for me, because it was late and when I answered “hello”, he didn’t speak, he heard as if he was crying and the call got disconnected. Urgently, first I call Arlies, I get no answer. A few minutes later I get a call from Tony, one of Arieli’s closest friends. He says to me: “Carla, they killed your sister”, to which I reply: “Oh please Tony , I’m not joking or it’s not funny”. He tells me: “Carla, it’s not a joke.” I tell him: “But who would want to kill my sister?” He tells me: ” We don’t know.” I didn’t believe it all, I called my mom on her cell phone, she didn’t answer me, so I called home. Someone else answered, but I heard my mom’s voice in the background. crying out inconsolably Listen, at that moment I knew that it was true that my sister was no more. I remember I was in a state of shock, I started shaking, I just remember shaking and crying like when you are very cold and can’t move. All I could say was: “Oh God, tell me this isn’t happening, my sister isn’t happening, please.” It was very difficult for me to understand what had happened and how was it possible that someone could have killed my sister for such a stupidity. A woman with human qualities that she was. A woman who helped so many people through their grieving processes at work and everyone around her. With her smile, Arielis made your day, she was very affectionate and giving to others.

Were you able to visit the spot to see him? If so, did you say a few words to him?

“I didn’t go to the scene, she was in the United States, but none of her friends who were there came to see her, they didn’t allow it. In fact, that’s one of the things that hurt the most. Because the despair of being so far away and the despair of not being able to run to her and the thought that she was lying there on the floor alone, nobody hugged her, nobody spoke to her, nobody touched her, like From about 9 pm until about 4 pm when they showed up to take his body, more or less when the events took place.

What came through your mind when you came to know that someone took his life for cell phone?

“Thousands of unanswered questions were running through my mind, I couldn’t understand how someone could be so inhuman, heartless, merciless, I thought surely it was someone who was drunk, maybe there was such information in the cell phone which no one could know, maybe it was hiding something, surely it was someone who had no family, no children, no mother, father, no wife, no one, because a decent, good, hardworking The man, as they say and in his right mind, would not do this to a woman without any reason, regardless of the fact that this woman has a family who loves her more than her life. Not knowing that everything in this life has consequences and that everything has to be paid for, without thinking about how he would feel if one of his closest loved ones, such as his sister, his mother or his daughter This happened

Were you able to go to the court hearing? How do you describe those days? Which day do you remember the most and why?

“Yes, I was able to attend the beginning. Those were terrible days, it was not easy to put my feelings and anger in front of everyone. I admire my mother who was listening to all this for 2 years. The day I felt the most Remembering more, the day was described minute by minute, especially when they described the exact minute that she died.

What do you think of Jensen Medina today?

“I hope that the time you are serving in prison will help you to repent, find God, and lay down your life.”

What do you think of the incident where he allegedly found a cell phone in his cell?

“I think he continues to make fun of values, rules, laws and authority. Even while in jail, he is carrying a message that he will do whatever he wants and he doesn’t care.”

Your mother has publicly stated that she forgives him. Do you feel the same way?

“Yes. As my mother has expressed, I feel the same way, I have no grudge in my heart and I forgave her long ago.

What do you think of the pardon Jensen asked for at trial?,

He didn’t apologize to me, and if that was his intention, it was a mediocre apology.

“Rest in peace Arelis Mercado Rios.

Below you can see several exclusive photos of Carla with the Arelis at different stages of their lives.

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