My house has become a shop

Gift boxes — Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

Every child loves to receive Christmas presents. While they are excited about the various packages to open, parents are not always. In the home of Australian journalist Dominique Birouste, for example, the festive season is synonymous with clutter and boxes and boxes piled up throughout the rooms. It wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the people responsible for bringing all the gifts: the children’s grandparents.

  • Grandparents who care for their grandchildren live longer, study suggests
  • “I’m tired of telling my in-laws what to give their grandchildren for Christmas,” said the mother
Gift Boxes — Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

“If your grandkids are bad, forget Santa Claus. My parents are on a mission to turn my living room into a little toy store. It’s like they have a secret competition to see who can put the most presents in under the tree and Frankly, I’m scared,” he wrote in a statement to Kidspot.

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The journalist said that he does not mind his children receiving Christmas presents. The big issue is when these drugs come in excessive amounts. “My mom called me and said she wrapped my daughter’s presents to put under the tree, but felt like they weren’t enough. It would have been okay if I hadn’t seen the big box of toys, books, and musical instruments (and I’m sure I saw a Dalmatian dog, three parrots and a satellite) to know that your comment was funny- that’s exaggerated,” he joked.

Dominique lives in a small apartment and often struggles to accommodate the children’s new things once she gets home. Precisely for this reason, he advocates that grandparents of young children should not jump into gift shopping just for the sake of buying them.

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“I understand the grandparents are excited, but as I write this, I’m looking around my living room and have no idea how to store anything in here,” she said. “Despite my best efforts at asking, followed by begging, I raised the white flag and decided that I would use the garage to house the biggest, loudest, shiniest toys I could find. parents.”

Despite the challenge, of course, Dominique understands that giving her children the experience of having grandparents present and caring is a privilege. “It’s better that they want to give my son a present than not showing any interest. I might just “forget” some of the presents at their house, which is almost four hours away,” he joked.

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