Myths and Truths About Sisters and Their Computer Care

By Leandro Greco
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Technology has gained ground in the context of the practically daily dependence of Bahias, who put their trust in the security of all kinds of information, which is necessary to develop many of their activities, even To bridge that gap, very little functional support is needed.

Today we stop in the world of computers, be it desktop computers, notebooks or tablets, being able to provide solutions with a single click from the comfort of home. However, the macro-economic context clashes with the urgent need to keep up with the new offers coming in the market.

Two city leaders in PC repair and a store owner devoted to the sale of supplies provide their thoughts on the contingencies that leave users in a dilemma, highlighting the vital importance of having a device capable of offering solutions in a world Recognizing, even after the pandemic, kept these elements in the foreground.

“Imports impressed us greatly”

the first of those who work as a service and were interrogated compass 24 indicated that “machines brought to the workshop generally have similar defects: slowness, problems with the operating system, or overheating in components. These are notebooks or netbooks that usually have problems in terms of maintenance, either Customers use specific programs in operation or to study or work and they cannot use it normally because the computer is not in good condition.

So much so, that he considered that “the most frequent inquiries, as in other areas, are how much repairs might cost as well as delays in getting us to work. In our case we Stand for offering express technical service, which includes working in 24 hours.

“Having a good licensed antivirus is essential for the proper functioning and performance of the machine, as it is the main protection against potential threats. People and we surf the web a lot and most of our customers usually enter a game from the Internet. which, if they do not have good coverage, the computer immediately becomes infected with the well-known Trojans,” he said, recurrent doubts about one of the most common.

Myths and Truths About Sisters and Their Computer Care

And it went even further: “These are specific viruses that primarily attack the function and performance of the computer as well as the stored files or documents. Specifically, we work with the official Windows 10 Antivirus, the operating system implemented to date, which warns and protects without pressing any buttons or functions of the machine”.

“The issue of imports has affected us a lot. Our sector is one of the hardest hit as 80% of the products and spare parts come from overseas. The most worrying thing was the significant increase in the dollar as we are 100% dependent on monetary stability. However, we are managing everything well, although there was a lot of demand for the products at that time which did not allow us to import directly”, he lamented.

Finally, he outlined the current critical context: “This difficulty was felt when replacing the hard drive, whether in a laptop or desktop PC, because about three months ago there was a shortage of that specific item and we practically did not work.” because who had the goods did not want to sell because they did not know its price or offered it at unattainable prices, because we would inevitably have to pass the increase on to our customers”.

“It is better to upgrade the PC; It’s hard to buy new

Another testimony in the same direction added enough conditions to be understood: “The length of time a computer is suggested to be serviced depends on the environment in which it is used, either because of dirt in the work area. For example, If this is a textile industry, cotton lint will collect. Dirty roads or if you are at the counter of a food court also have this effect. However, every eight to eight days to avoid overheating of the components It is advisable to make a revision in twelve months.

“Everyone has their own manual, but the reality is that the task is adapted to each customer. If it’s a notebook, this should be prioritized and not avoided with professional maintenance. It just doesn’t wind up with a blowtorch. blowing up. People who don’t know about the field do so because they can do more harm than good. For this reason, a notebook cares more than a desktop PC”, he added.

More specifically, faced with the prospect of acquiring a new device, he did not hesitate to reveal that “the first advice that can be given to a person who has a mind to buy a computer is not the first thing”. to buy. Read about the requirements for the software the seller offers, read about the software you want to use. Navigate to Buying the latest generation Ryzen processor or Intel I9 is ​​not the same, unless you have money left and You don’t want to waste it.

“It is better to buy quality, for example, a power supply from a good brand is enough to take a leap and take care of the equipment. However, they always sell low quality in this component, unless someone requests it. ”, said one of the most experienced technicians in Bahia Blanca.

However, he presented a somewhat more encouraging scenario: “Thank God, today it can be said that there were no bad components like a few decades ago, where equipment was damaged from bad sources, low quality brands, motherboards and RAM memory.” That they weren’t up to the minimum requirements. You have to adapt to the computer you buy because there is no cost limit and it doesn’t make much sense to buy something that is not being used.

Myths and Truths About Sisters and Their Computer Care

“In short, if you’re going to be navigating, study-office tasks and basic multimedia use, that’s enough for a dual-core processor, solid disks, and between 4 and 8 GB of memory if it’s used for graphic design. then it is necessary to jump into the medium/high range with a dedicated video card, solid state and mechanical disk, 16 GB. RAM memory at least, relatively advanced processor. There are many models but well known brands AMD and Intel have four should not be dropped halfway from the eight cores”, he elaborated.

Regarding the recognition of his work, he emphasized that “Unfortunately, the work of a computer technician has always been underestimated. There are no guilds and what exists is the mafia trying to represent us, so Many times the salary is below that of a commercial worker in terms of someone being lucky enough to work for. However, those who work independently don’t have enough to live for, they just get a kind of odd job. .

“Most are monotributists and they have to maintain local, something that is not viable from any point of view. Some are lucky enough to enter big companies and some find stability, being able to get paid decently. In these cases is counted on the fingers of the hand. To be able to collect salary as a commercial worker it is necessary to repair at least 30 computers per month, requires a high turnover of customers”, he added from his workshop. Let’s say, where dozens of PCs periodically pass by.

That’s why he said that “a large number of technicians usually have other inputs. There is a lot of business and a lot of unscrupulous blackmail. You have to be careful not to steal components and exchange them for others, one such Practices that some often do. A clear sign that they don’t care about the customer, really terrible”.

“The crisis in the region was being felt even before a few years. Budgeting becomes impossible without listening to complaints, they cry letters even in a minimal maintenance and this is where the contempt for the computer technician reflects. You always want to pay as little as possible, but when they go to the mechanic for damage to the vehicle they pay without question. It’s a classic, many years ago I filter customers if they take these approaches. It is better to avoid them because they are problematic,” he admitted about closing his story.

The exchange rate difference doesn’t help: “All inputs are always quoted in dollars. We have pseudo-distributors who sell to someone who isn’t in the industry, so if we assemble a team like before There is almost no profit as they sell it to anyone for the same price. They will tell you ‘I can do it cheaper’, but they don’t follow a real guarantee, they give you between six months and a year In my case I give my extended personal guarantee whenever I gather. I take the risk and this is a problem because sometimes by winning a little you run the risk of harming the team due to carelessness and you have to Have to talk.

“Today, it is worth taking care of a team and updating it. They are very expensive and it is very difficult to buy computers given the economic problem we are facing”, he concluded.

Update Price Lists and Don’t “Die Trying”

Finally, Facundo Fuens, head of the computer supply store located in Don Bosco al 1000, gave his remarks to the editorial staff of this digital newspaper: “The percentage of people who do not invest in technology every time in Bahia Blanca or the region is minor. Pandemic. forced many people to upgrade or replace. There is always an older person who does not want to modernize or reject advances, even many adults for whom, sooner or later, they end up upgrading Let’s do it.”

“Panorama is very complex because it is a system that is managed on a dollar basis. We do not update the price list every day, as the price changes almost permanently. The idea is that the customers who sometimes They take price advice, they don’t go shopping the next day and get a surprise”, said Funes.

And he went even further: “We uphold the values ​​as much as we can. But everyone is covered, whether they are importers, distributors or resellers. From last year there was shortage of stock and when there is no certain product, we look for another one to replace it. Another option is to add a brand to provide more variety.”

“Importers and distributors force us to buy a certain quantity of articles to reach others which are more difficult to obtain. In general, every month they do not give us. For this reason, when the possibility of stocking arises, we accept almost any condition, so that the market does not become obsolete and respond to our customers”, he added at another time of the round trip via WhatsApp. couple.

Myths and Truths About Sisters and Their Computer Care

Regarding the competition, he paused in informal commerce: “Many, unlike us, do not offer the public a physical location with sales and advice. However, customers are looking for a business where they can see face-to-face what they are buying from. Many times they ask for references, in our case we have been in the same place for almost 10 years and people tell us that they usually come for recommendations, that too because of advertising and social networks.

“Businesses that don’t have premises are risk by all means. Who buys there, a priori may save some money, but risk isn’t guaranteed. Those are the sellers who can disappear, change their phone number.” Or turn their attention. For the most part, their articles do not pass through customs and they have been evading all kinds of tax burdens,” assures Funas.

And he argued: “For our part, in order to buy from registered importers, they ask us for a series of requirements, such as being registered with AFIP, ARBA or, at the very least, being a monotributist. Those employees numbers, opinions of other companies and other documents, whether they be bank accounts or references without which these off-premise businesses cannot access.

“Generally, Bahánís rely on physical location. However, it is also necessary to offer a web page where people use it as a catalog and eventually visit the store to make a purchase. In Buenos Aires What happens is different, as they are more used to selling online. It’s been a while there, for example, order now! They carry almost any type of package, covering a huge distance. are,” concluded the merchant.

Given how essential it is to preserve computerized content, regardless of the reality of each user, embracing technology, understood from a positive perspective, is one way to remain part of the system. Challenged, better times will come…


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