Nacho Vidal admitted on TV3 that he suffers from sexually transmitted diseases

Nacho Vidal en una imatge d

Nacho Vidal, a well-known actor, director and producer of pornographic films, in an interview with Ricard Ustral on the TV3 program ‘Collapso’, confessed to all the sexually transmitted diseases he has suffered throughout his life. During his professional career as an actor in adult films, Vidal explains that he had all sexually transmitted diseases except HIV, despite the fact that for a time it was speculated that he had HIV. Now, one of them has created more problems for him. This is reactive arthritis, known as “Reiter’s syndrome”: “This is a disease that took three months to diagnose because it is so strange. “When I found out, I couldn’t get out of bed for three months, I went to the hospital every day and my knees were full of fluid.” recalls Vidal, who believes this type of arthritis is “like gout, but multiplied by a thousand.”

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The actor admits that he had “suicidal thoughts” several times because of the pain resulting from this disease: “They gave me morphine because I would inject it at night so I could sleep, and they prescribed opiates for the rest of the day. Did. That’s how I was until the medicine I take today, which is a biologic,” he stressed. Extensive experience in sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the awareness that many teenagers got their first impressions and knowledge with his pornographic films, led Nacho Vidal as director and producer to implement condoms in his creations, because It is not an element that has much presence within the area. However, this initiative did not have the desired results: “Sales declined.”

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A call for condom use

Although he admits that the “bold effort” of trying to get actors to use condoms in his productions did not get the desired results, Vidal defends that their use is “fundamental” in order to avoid “fear”: “In porn. , people see everything like “It’s OK and they don’t have a condom, and then maybe they get scared.”


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