Nacional’s reengineering begins for 2024

 Nacional's reengineering begins for 2024;  this is what is known

The irregularity of Nacional this year reached its peak in the 5-0 defeat of Medellín and that is why, for next year, the club must rethink many things, beyond the titles won this year, such as Super League and the Betplay Cup.

And first, there must be a reflection, because between these irregularities many unprecedented things happened to him, like many years ago he did not add 11 games without winning against Millonarios, 4 consecutive losses in DIM and a 5-0. against ( 12 years ago they did not lose by that score), also the 4-1 they gave to América, or that they overturned a series of Libertadores with 2 goals in their favor, as happened against Racing.

Also, for the first time in its history it lost to Alianza Petrolera and that a team from the second division of Argentina, like Patronato, came and beat it in Atanasio.

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Jhon Duque himself, purslane midfielder, recognized this irregularity after the defeat in the classic. “We have very high points and very low points. The balance is that, we hope that the group that follows will reach a state of balance where they will be more often in the performance. “It is still a campaign that leaves many lessons, but here there is always a group that wants to continue and work.”

Duque also explained that inexperience is one of the factors that contributed to the team’s bad moments. “Inexperience is heavy, but we are all born to learn, football teaches us every day and the important thing is to take the experiences for good and learn from everything that happens to us.”

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For his part, coach Jhon Bodmer accepted the responsibility of the defeat and indicated that he has already prepared the Millonarios match to try to end the Liga with a victory in Bogotá.

“I don’t point to individuals, I prefer to assume it from the method, because I choose the squad and if the players are working or not, I hope they will think about it, but I am the head and I have to accept what happened.”

Bodmer does not want to discuss the formation of next season out of respect for the players. However, the managers, aware of their responsibility for what is happening, have already determined the options and what is known is that they intend to strengthen the following positions: at least two midfielders, among them is a number 10; also a central defender and one or two wings.

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The clear thing is that the green team must support this project with 4 or 5 high-ranking players who can lead the youth to success, otherwise, once again someone will pay in price is the coach, a position of that from With the departure of coach Reinaldo Rueda in 2017, there is no stability, because between the interim positions and full-time coaches there are 14 changes, with of all kinds of profiles, without finding a way to build another successful project like the one that ended with the title of Libertadores in 2016.