The catastrophic testimony of Zepeda’s key witness, which his own lawyers requested to be annulled

Narumi case: the “catastrophic” testimony of Zepeda’s key witness, which his own lawyers requested to be annulled

This Thursday the fourth day of the appeal trial took place in France against the Chilean Nicolás Zepeda, accused of murdering his ex-partner Narumi Kurosaki in December 2016.

In this case, a key Zepeda witness named Saïd Nemeri gave the court his testimony that he saw Narumi Kurosaki alive on December 11th. Nemeri’s words were deemed “catastrophic” and even the Chilean’s own defense called for him to withdraw from the trial.

The Catastrophic Testimony Of Zepeda’s Key Witness, Which His Own Lawyers Requested To Be Annulled

The controversial testimony of Zepeda’s “key witness.”

Saïd Nemeri, a key witness considered by the defense, arrived at the court where Chilean Nicolás Zepeda is being tried. When it was his turn to give his statement, Nemeri claimed: “They say Narumi was murdered on December 5, but I saw her in a bar on Rue d’Arenes in Besançon.”

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At the same time, Saïd said he saw a crying girl with Asian features who he asked if she needed help and she said no. “I asked her if she was Chinese and she said no, she was Japanese. I asked him what your name was and he told me Narumi, I remember because I said to him ‘Ah, are you Naruto’s sister?’, he laughed,” he said.

In addition, the witness questioned the investigation conducted by the police and asked whether the screams heard in Narumi’s apartment came from the young woman’s room. At this moment, everyone who attended the trial was stunned. Therefore, the court president interrupted the testimony and, together with Nicolás Zepeda’s defense, agreed that the witness should withdraw from the trial.

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One of those who witnessed the confusing moment was Chilevisión’s special envoy, journalist Roberto Cox. The communicator expressed: “It was a moment of complete confusion, the judge looked at him in surprise, as if saying: ‘This man starts telling me a story and it turns out that now he also plays the role of investigator has taken over.’ “Everything went crazy and Nicolás Zepeda’s own defense attorney said that this statement was ‘catastrophic’ for his client.”