NASA captures gamma rays in storm

gamma rays nasa

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) managed to capture the explosions gamma rays From electrical storm, This is an incredible phenomenon because this type of light typically comes from objects like neutron stars and black holes, rather than from them. Electrical storms.

loss gamma rays whatever are Higher energy forms of light in the universe captured by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope,

Why do they pick up gamma rays in storms?

Scientists suspect that normal thunderstorm They reconfigure the cloud’s electric field. In some cases, this allows electrons to reach the top of the cell. Storm Almost at the speed of light. And this makes storms the most powerful natural particle accelerators on Earth.

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When these electrons collide with air molecules, they emit a flash of light. terrestrial gamma rays, meaning that electrical storm are building something Higher energy forms of light in the universe.

Storms can also produce antimatter

But that’s not all, according to NASA las storm can also produce Antimatter. This is because sometimes a gamma rays collides with an atom and produces an electron and a positron, which are opposite antimatter Of electron.

How was it possible to capture gamma rays in storms?

loss terrestrial gamma rays captured by NASA telescope flashes within 800 kilometers of the location and to capture them it uses a device called gamma-ray burst monitor, Which is mainly used to view spectacular bursts of gamma rays coming from the universe.

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It is estimated that there are approximately 1,800 hurricanes on Earth. During its first 10 years in space, Fermi detected about 5,000 Earth flares Gamma rays.

But scientists estimate that thousands of such flashes occur every day. but experts of NASA They only look at those within 800 kilometers of Fermi’s regular orbits, which do not cover the United States or Europe.

Fermi has also detected terrestrial flashes gamma rays coming from tropical climate system personal. Actually, in 2014 tropical storm july According to administration data, four flashes were produced in just 100 minutes.


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