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Friday, February 26, 2021

NASA rover to land on Mars | Leader

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Washington: NASA’s ‘Preservation Rover’ will land on Mars next week. The Preservation Rover will attempt to land in the Jejero Crater area on Mars on February 18.

According to NASA, the Jejero Crater is extremely safe for landing on Mars. Apart from this many experiments can also be done here. The main purpose of NASA’s Mars mission is to find signs of life on this red planet and bring samples to Earth from there. Jejero Crater is part of an ancient lake.

Collecting samples from Mars is as difficult a task as landing a rover on the planet. According to Andrew Johnson, principal robotics systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Jejero crater is about 28 miles wide. The area also has high mountains, plateaus, sand mountains and deep valleys. Even if one of them accidentally hits the Preservation Rover, the possibility of a mission failure cannot be ruled out.

About 60 percent of Mars missions fail. Terrain relative navigation is used in the Preservation Rover to ensure safe landing. The system consists of a map and a camera. In this, landing is attempted by overcoming obstacles.

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