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NASA will test technology to protect Earth from potential asteroid threats

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission – the world’s first to test a technology to protect Earth from potential asteroid or comet threats – will collide with its target, an asteroid that poses no threat to our planet , at 6:14 pm (Peruvian time) on Monday 26 September.

DART will travel millions of kilometers autonomously before intentionally killing Dimorphos, a Small asteroid that revolves around a larger one called Didymos, With the aim of making a slight change in your class.

NASA said this test will show that a spacecraft can autonomously navigate an asteroid and deliberately collide the asteroid’s displacement in a way that can be measured by ground-based telescopes.

DART will provide important data to help better prepare for an asteroid that could pose a risk of impact to Earth if ever discovered.

Thus, the mission will help determine whether the crash is intentional or not. Spaceship against an asteroid There is an efficient way to deflect said asteroid.

While Neither Asteroid Is a Threat to Earth, the Mission Will Help NASA Test Planet Defense AbilitiesShould it become necessary in the future to deflect an asteroid on a collision course with our planet.

Dsc 0383E

Till date, atlas system (Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Final Warning System) has discovered more than 700 near-Earth asteroids and 66 comets, along with the detection of two very small asteroids, 2019 MO and 2018 LA, impacting Earth. The system is specifically designed to detect objects that come very close to Earth at a distance of about 384,000 kilometers from the Moon.

On 22 January, Atlas-Sutherland in South Africa discovered its first 100-metre asteroid that poses no threat to Earth.

Become a “Planet Guard”!

NASA enabled the fun Dart Planetary Defender platform that allows astronomy enthusiasts to register as “planetary defenders” and receive a certificate after answering five questions correctly.

Questions in English (for the time being) pertain to the DART mission described in this note. Plus, users have multiple attempts if they eventually give a wrong answer.

When entering, it is necessary to enter the name that you want to appear on your certificate. Then click “Get started” and you can review the questions. NASA will provide you with some clues about the Dart mission in the form of additional information or educational videos.

After completing the quiz, you will be able to download Planetary Defender images, share them on social networks and save your certificate in PDF format to your computer or cell phone.

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Published: 8/24/2022

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